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Should You Upgrade Your Apple Device To iOS 11.2?

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12:15 AM, Dec 2nd, 2017: Were you also one amongst millions out there who had annoying time with your Apple devices randomly and repeatedly crashing after the midnight?

If this describes your experience on an iPhone or an iPad, then you are more likely to be affected by the date bug which was addressed by the latest iOS 11.2 update.

iOS 11.2 is the seventh big update to iOS 11 followed by six beta releases. iOS 11.2 update is supported by Apple products like sixth generation iPod touch and later, iPad mini 2 and later and iPhone 5S and later models. Considering iOS 11.2 to be one of the main updates to iOS 11 after iOS 11.1, the update size is roughly 430 MB!

So, what does iOS 11.2 bring to the users?

Apple iOS 11.2 brings its users highly anticipated features like Apple Pay Cash, fast wireless charging and several other enhancements and bug fixes.

Along with the fix for the date bug for which iOS 11.2 was rushed to release, iOS 11.2 has fixed many of the other reported bugs. Although, there has been no mention about the date bug and the other bug which caused the keyboard to change ‘it’ to ‘I.T’ in the official Apple release notes.

Apart from these bug fixes, there are several eye-catchy enhancements like the redesigned emojis, live wallpapers for iPhone X, enhanced video camera stability to name a few. Refer to the official release notes below and see the exhaustive list of what iOS 11.2 brings to your device:

 iOS 11iOS 11

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Fascinating isn’t it? But, it is worth a mention that the latest iOS isn’t 100% bug free!

While the latest iOS update comes with solutions to the previously existing bugs, the market is full of mixed reviews. We share few highlights of the upgrade and help you decide:

Why should you Upgrade?

1. Enable peer-to-peer Apple Pay Cash enable fast wireless charging on your iPhone

Apple Pay Cash enables users to exchange money with Apple Pay in iMessage. The money received by the user is stored in the Apple Cash Card wallet app. There is no special charge for using Apple Pay Cash by a debit card. But, a standard charge of 3% is charged if you intend to make a payment using a credit card.

Although, as a matter of fact Apple Pay Cash has not yet gone live because Apple is yet to switch on to its servers to enable this feature.

2. Enable fast wireless charging on your iPhone

iOS 11.2 also brings in fast Qi wireless charging feature for devices like iPhone 8, iPhone 8 plus and iPhone X. An upgrade of 7.5W wireless charging speed is introduced by the new update from the former one being just 5W.

3. Enable unified lock screen and notification center

Apple has unified its lock screen and notification center in its iOS 11.2 update. You can now check your notifications and unlock your device by swiping UP. Also, you can swipe DOWN to check any current notifications while you are navigating any app on your device.

4. Redesigned control center

Control center has been completely transformed. And it gets better! Now you have the flexibility to add different control center toggles and customize it without the jailbreak. 3D touch can be utilized in control center.

5. Enable Do Not Disturb while driving mode

Do Not Disturb while driving is one fresh feature that the iOS 11.2 introduces its users to. A user gets automatically engaged to DND while driving mode when he is driving. When enabled, anyone who tries to reach to the person, will get a recorded reply that you are currently driving.

Why NOT to Upgrade?

1. Downgrade to iOS 10 is difficult

FACTORY RESET is your savior if you are willing to downgrade your device to iOS 10, after updating to iOS 11.2. In other words, you are going to get all your data erased in the downgrade process.

Though, you can always manage a complete back-up, but you must take a risk to make sure that while downgrading, your device does not freeze in the middle. The worst thing that can happen in this case is, you won’t be able to apply the backups you have taken on iOS 11.2 in any of the lower versions.

2. You will lose iOS 10 jailbreak

Once you upgrade your device to iOS 11.2, all your installed iOS 10 jailbreaks will be lost. It is going to take a long time for jailbreak for iOS 11.2 to release just yet. So, note. If you are not willing to lose your iOS 10 jailbreaks, then kindly do not upgrade to iOS 11.2.


If your Apple device has been the victim to the repeated crashing, then updating your device to iOS 11.2 is an absolute choice for you. If not, hold yourself from updating. Some users are fascinated by iOS 11.2, some complain about the battery drainage after upgrading whereas some are patiently waiting for Apple Pay Cash to go live.

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