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Sitefinity 8.2 Released: There’s Some Good News for CMOs and Online Marketers

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In today’s vibrant digital environment, online marketers need to connect with multiple audiences at the same time, with content that conveys precise information to the right audience. However, as you cannot market and nurture everybody concurrently with standard information all the times, you need to personalize your content to build a level of engagement and gain interest from your multiple – but specific – target audiences.

For CMOs already using or planning to shift to Sitefinity CMS, there’s some good news. The Sitefinity Version beta 8.2 release has come up with many new updates, which add more pointed arrows to the quiver of online marketers.

In this article, we are looking at how Sitefinity Version 8.2 will provide new functionalities, and how it resolves some marketing-related issues. Let’s start with improvements related to content segmentation and personalization, and then move on to other issues resolved by Sitefinity 8.2 that will make life simpler for online marketers.

1. Personalization and Segmentation Functionalities

A. Personalization on Widget Level

With Sitefinity 8.2, personalization will be optimized and offered for widgets including Content block, images and custom widgets.

How it will benefit: Sitefinity admins can now rapidly personalize on widget level (instead of building new pages) and reuse the personalization across pages and templates. This will not only enable admin to create improved personalized areas, but it will also increase the speed of creating multiple personalized capacities while simplifying management.

B. Personalization by Multiple Segments

With Sitefinity 8.2, users falling into more than one segment will be able to see all widgets relevant to their segment on the website. The backend users will be able to preview personalized pages filtered by more than one segments, and get a quick view of how the page will display to a user falling under multiple segments.

How it will benefit: Currently, segmented users are shown only those widgets that are highest priority for the specific segment. This update will add an edge to the segmentation feature and allow businesses to serve deeply personalized experiences to a wide range of users.

C. Personalization by Engagement Widget

Sitefinity 8.2 will feature an easily managed Engagement widget which can be used to directly add engagement points to your Sitefinity sites.

How it will benefit: It will give marketers more freedom to better engage with customers using technology.

2. Digital Experience Cloud Enhancements

A. Application of Custom Contact Fields for Audience Segmentation

How it will benefit: Digital marketers will be able to define conversion tracking reports based on custom fields’ segmentation, along with searching and filtering functionalities. All fields will also be available as filters to search the complete contact base.

B. Segmented Reporting

How it will benefit: Marketers will be able to define a segment-based Personalization Report, tracking the page visits and providing segment-based reporting. This will assist in measuring marketing results for the targeted set of conversions.

3. Other Resolved Issues that will assist Digital Marketers

A. Issues fixed in Analytics

Filtering the analytics dashboards by visitors, languages, devices, etc. created an error log. With 8.2, the problem is solved.

Email campaigns were sent wrong hyperlinks when The Host property was not set. This issue is solved in the new version.

Issues in Multi-lingual Campaigns that stopped you from executing your campaign if the page contained News widget with selected option <One particular news item only>. This issue will be resolved in 8.2.

These and other issues related to emailing and analytics have been taken care of, providing a slightly smoother experience to online marketers.

We look forward to your thoughts on the new features proposed and soon released by Sitefinity 8.2. Our Sitefinity experts would love to talk to you and share their insights.

For any queries regarding Sitefinity implementation, please get in touch with us and find out how we can be of assistance.

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