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Stay Ahead of Schedule with Codeless Test Automation

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As the technology and market expands, software testing practices seeks a modern shift. Codeless Testing is one such modern approach of performing test automation. It is slowly replacing the traditional test automation techniques and promises to take test automation to the next level ensuring unprecedented quality of software in reduced cost.

If you are a tester engaged in automation testing, you should spare some time and read what follows.

Over the years, the role of software testing has gained a prominent place in every SDLC. Companies following mature quality assurance program consider it a highly important process for delivering better and quality products.

Software testing until the last decade was a simple exercise which was performed manually with a tester sitting in front of a system and testing the functions/performance of a given application. However, it has become more complex compared to the last decade owing to the growing proliferation of technologies, platforms, browsers as well as agile development cycles. Companies in order to meet these complex software testing requirements and to reduce their overall cost and maintenance of test cycles have realized the need to replace their traditional testing approach with what is known asTest Automation.

Test Automation or Automation Testing is another approach or method of software testing where the testers diligently automate their testing work. In true sense, it is an automation of writing and maintenance of test cases using different tools and frameworks. In fast release cycles, test automation proves to be an excellent way to test and identify bugs in the shortest possible time frame. Done right, it provides a competitive edge to the quality of a given product reducing repetitive and mundane testing efforts and accelerates the testing cycles.

Test automation has witnessed several changes since last 1-2 years. There has been introduction of many automation tools (open source as well as commercial) in the market which promises better ROI and test coverage.

Although these automation tools accelerate the testing process and regression testing efforts, companies have started questioning the ROI due to the coding required in these test automation tools. In other words, one has to write/translate each test case in the language of automation tool.

Several companies using test automation tools do not yield the desired results out of their test automation efforts reason being the codes requiring continuous maintenance and updates.

When the business task or the product changes frequently or when the product has multiple release cycles or when the codes are written poorly from the initial test cycle, the codes in the test cases need to be changed. Managing the changes and recoding the test cases again and again impacts the time and costs involved. Over and above these, there are several other problems associated with coding in test automation.

Grievances of Testers using Coding or Scripting-based Test Automation

  • Lack of expert staff to code in the language if a given tool
  • Wastage of time in writing codes rather than actually performing testing of functions
  • Lots of efforts and money required in maintenance of codes

Even companies having expert staff to code and perform testing have started questioning the ROI of their test automation efforts since code-based automation tools require frequent changes in the scripts. This impacts the time, costs and efforts invested in every previous release cycle.

Considering the current trend of the market and application development cycles, can you afford to depend on a tool that requires you to frequently alter and maintain piles of codes?

When code-based test automation solution poses such severe challenges, the answer to increasing profitability and achieve efficient results with test automation lies in Codeless Testing.

Codeless Test Automation: An Easier & Effective Alternative

Codeless testing as the name suggests is an approach to automate testing without the need to write code or script or use any programming language. It is seen as a modern approach which expedites automation testing ensuring better test coverage and reduction in overall cost and efforts.

Some people misconceive codeless testing as testing that is free from codes however, codeless testing is an approach in which testers do not have to manually code the test cases. Codeless testing thus trims down the man hours empowering testers to create more test automation plans and increase quality and maintainability of the product.

The best part about codeless testing is that testers can create and save several readily and reusable test cases and use them across different testing needs with slight changes. Thus codeless testing approach ensures 100% coverage and increases ROI with every release.

Codeless test automation is performed just like normal automation is performed using a tool. The only difference is, all the functions that are manually performed are packed in an easy-to-use software, without doing away with the powers of normal script-based testing tools.

Know How to Drive Business Value with Test Automation

Creating Business Value with Business-Driven Test Automation Download Now

Tools that Support Codeless Automation

There are several readily available tools in the market which provides Codeless Test Automation capabilities. These tools over and above being codeless are also user-friendly. They come with inbuilt features like keyword-driven, data-driven, multilingual, record and playback, cross-browser compatibility, image comparison, etc.

One of the popular tools of this breed is TestingWhiz.

Codeless test automation tools like TestingWhiz provides a readymade graphical environment to the testers to create test cases. Testers can create tons of test cases by selecting objects, operations, actions and keywords from the menus and create conditions and iterations using parameters with just a few clicks. They can also manage test cases and iteration as well as report issues using different wizards.

This is how the testers and automation engineers get a playground to easily achieve quantum automation target and get a jump in the overall productivity without having to learn coding skills. It bridges the gap between the functional and technical expertise and allows testers to take charge of the complete test automation process.

Codeless Test Automation Spreading its Magic: Real Story

People in various conferences, discussions and seminars have appreciated Codeless Test Automation and consider it to be the future of test automation.

Recently a leading educational board of UK implemented codeless testing tool to automate functional testing of its proprietary Review System. The powers of codeless automation tool provided the organization with the required capability to optimize and scale-up the performance of the system without applying human efforts.

One of the QA Engineer of the board after applying codeless testing shared her experience saying - Codeless automation testing provided us with flexibility to automate our recurring testing tasks. We got up with the deadlines of improving and optimizing functions of our Review System without incurring training or supervision costs which is the main reason why we incline towards Codeless Testing for all our testing needs.”  Read Full Success Story.

Similar other automation engineers and companies who have experienced the powers of codeless test automation agree with the fact that codeless test automation addresses productivity and cost problems in a way that it does not force you to differentiate between technical tester and non-technical tester.  It is no more a niche skill. Any tester with good understanding of testing and product can accomplish the automation project with the right codeless automation tool in hand.

The Future

Test automation for sure will lend what it promises like accelerated regression testing, reduction in repetitive testing efforts, but codeless test automation will ensure you achieve these results more quickly than what code-based test automation promises.

Codeless test automation is easier, smarter and better way to automate and drive expected ROI. It strikes the right chord to balance the functional and technical expertise. The only care you need to take is, select the right codeless automation tool that supports the technology in which your application is built and make sure it comes with all the goodies like cross-browser compatibility, integration with different bug tracking tools, multilingual support, scheduler, etc. that ensures quality, reliable and efficient test automation.

If you really want to revolutionize your test automation or if you are a budding or non-technical tester who wants to get started with test automation, embrace Codeless Test Automation now

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