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    15 2015

    Sure Step Methodology

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    Sure Step methodology is basically an effective tool proposed by Microsoft for successful implementation of Microsoft Dynamics products, like- NAV, AX, GP, SL and CRM.

    Sure Step Methodology to Implement Dynamics CRM

    Sure Step methodology is a fast, easy, effective and the best way to implement Dynamics CRM. Dynamics CRM stands for customer relationship product and is one of the best products available in the market to enhance the productivity of sales, marketing and service department of the company.

    Dynamics Sure Step Methodology

    Using Sure Step Methodology, an organization can implement Dynamics CRM effectively, because it provides the implementation templates and other documents as per the nature of the company.

    To start implementing Microsoft Dynamics CRM, the company and business profile must be determined including project name, project type and number of users. On the basis of the provided information, Sure Step Methodology recommends an implementation strategy. The behavior or the mode of the implementation can be of four types:

    • Rapid Implementation
    • Agile Implementation
    • Enterprise Implementation
    • Moderate Implementation

    After selecting the implementation mode, Sure Step Methodology offers various templates and documents to carry out the implementation. The templates or the documents are categorized into six categories, which are also known as the different steps of the Sure Step Methodology.

    • Diagnostic
    • Analysis
    • Design
    • Development
    • Deployment
    • Operation

    While selecting the template, the implementer must make sure that the same can fulfill the requirement of the organization in the best and most effective manner.

    Benefits of Sure Step Methodology

    • It effectively helps to customize the implementation process in accordance with the nature of the business and the project and accordingly offers relevant templates
    • It covers all the aspects of the project properly and ensures that crucial information gets recorded to fulfil the purpose of the project.

    Dynamics CRM implemented through Sure Step Methodology positively affects the sales, marketing and service department of the company as it then contains all the vital information required by these departments to work efficiently.


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