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The Top 5 Android Apps to Use in an Office

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These days, there are so many android apps used in offices that you couldn’t be expected to keep track of them all. Even so, a few of the apps available to professionals are such efficiency boosters that you really can’t afford to work without them. To that end, we’ve compiled a list of five must-have apps for office workers:

The Top 5 Android Apps to Use in an Office

Top 5 Android Apps To Use In An Office

Android Apps to Use in an Office

Cisco WebEx Meetings

This is an ideal app for professionals on the go. If your company uses WebEx to schedule and conduct meetings, you can then use this app to take your web meetings with you wherever you go. It includes plenty of handy features that are designed with your Android device in mind. To begin with, your phone gets a call-back number so that the meeting can reconnect with you should you be logged off. On top of that, it features full-screen view and multiple-connection capabilities.


This app interfaces with your companies MS Exchange server, and that’s a big deal for professionals who require Exchange support (quite a few people, in other words). Through a single interface, the app accesses your calendar, contacts, tasks and email. It also offers a host of configuration options, which is really where the app starts to set itself apart. You can select which buttons appear on the viewer screen and can tweak just about any aspect of its functionality that you could dream of. Touchdown includes strong security measures, so your IT administrator is probably going to be okay with you using it to access the Exchange server. In fact, once they see this app in action, they’re likely download it themselves.

US$19.99, with a 30-day free trial


With an increasing number of professionals heading to the Cloud to collaborate on projects and store files, we’re starting to see less collaboration in the brick and mortar world. Sure, you and your colleagues share the same office space, but that doesn’t mean you necessarily share the same storage systems and databases. Platforms like Dropbox help consolidate aspects of the Cloud into a single, manageable space that you can share with anyone you choose. There may be better Cloud-based apps out there, but Dropbox performs solidly and enjoys unprecedented support across multiple products and platforms.

Free and premium (more storage space) versions available

SwiftKey X

This award-winning Android app will drastically reduce the number of times you hit the delete key as you’re typing on your Android device. When you’re at work, time wasted is time that could’ve been billed, and this adds up over the long term. SwiftKey X uses artificial intelligence technology to remember words, phrases and sentences that you have typed in the past, and uses this to predict what you are about to type now. This may sound trivial, but it has to be tried to be believed. Once you start using this app, you’ll be hooked.

One-time fee of US$1. 96 – more than worth it


This is one of those apps you never knew you needed until you actually started using it. After that, you’ll wonder how you ever did without it. CamCard uses your device’s camera to scan a business card and extract information from it. Better yet, this information is then saved directly to your contacts. For starters, this saves you the time and hassle of creating a new contact every time you’re introduced to a new colleague or prospective client. And if we’re being honest, we’ve all lost a business card or two in the course of our careers. The ability to scan in all the cards you received at the end of a day increases your chances of retaining new contact info.

Ad-supported free (limited) and premium versions available

Free, but must interface with an existing WebEx account.

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