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Tool Developed By Cygnet's JAVA Team to ensure Accurate Management and Format of DID Database

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Cygnet’s Java team on demand of its client (World-class leader in Electronic Fax Solution – based in USA) has developed customized auditing tool termed as LNF - Local Number Formatter which monitors city entries of all countries in DID (Direct Inward Dialing) database and ensures its accurate formatting therein.

LNF can maintain database of different countries area codes in proper format and can align them for better report generation irrespective of location and data format. It ingeniously helps client in managing, evaluating, differentiating, controlling and customizing entries of different country codes and area codes in DID database as per requirement. Built on latest technology like Groovy, Grails, JQuery and Magnolia CMS, LNF is capable of performing several tasks internally and present the database in required format as per client's needs.

LNF executes functions like

  • Providing basic database of country codes and area codes in accurate format
  • Helps in audit of various area codes
  • Evaluates LNF numbers as per parameters of different countries
  • Manages errors
  • Filters numbers as per different countries
  • Compares key values and evaluates DIDs to ensure database formats are correct

LNF has been successful in addressing challenges faced by client in formatting and usage of DID numbers for Report Generation.

Through LNF, the Java Team has appropriately addressed client’s issue with which the client is very happy and has greatly appreciated the team’s efforts for meeting his customized requirement and said

“This is looking REALLY good! This is an excellent wok; I am very excited about this tool - Nice Job!!”

Cygnet’s Java Team is proud to receive such an appreciation. It has done a great job in delivering productive solution to client with its unparalleled expertise and solid efforts.

Find out more about Cygnet Infotech's Java expertise here.

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