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Top 10 Payment Gateways - Choose the Best for Your Business

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As more and more people are looking to do business online the importance of payment gateways is only increasing. Those businesses which have yet not integrated a payment gateway on their website are losing out many potential customers. Companies hesitating to introduce payment gateways need not worry so much as there are numerous payment gateway to choose from. Here we shall review the 10 most popular payment gateways, their unique characteristics, as well as their advantages and drawbacks.


This one is among the most economical payment gateways. The monthly fees are just $0.1 per credit card transaction, which is very nominal, when compared to other payment gateways. This payment gateway is preferred by smaller businesses. Technical support is free and you can reach them via e-mail or phone or live chat. However, the limitation is that they are available only five days a week (Monday to Friday).


This one is very widely used because of its versatility that suits both small and large businesses. The key advantage of PayPal being that it does not charge any monthly cost and hence if you are just starting your business and you have no clue on what is the volume you can expect, PayPal is ideal as it does not come with any fixed costs to burden you.

Google Checkout

As this one is provided by Google.com so you can bank on the trust that customer will reinstate in you. It is quite similar to what PayPal offers to its advanced or pro customers. However, if you are looking for good customer support, this one is better avoided.


This one is most versatile among payment gateways as it provides services for business of all sizes and types. You can cater to customers anywhere in the world as its service encompasses around 190 countries. It can detect a fraud much sooner and accurately. Besides, it also provides reporting and reconciliation reports to help your business.

Amazon Payments

There are two variants of Amazon Payment - Amazon Simple Pay and Amazon Flexible Payments Service. Amazon Simple Pay enables easy payment processes and can be set as a payment gateway for digital goods or services. Amazon Flexible Payments Services can be used to set up multiple merchant accounts, thus allowing easy management for both buyers and sellers.


This one is the largest payment gateway in Australia and is based on a proprietary software. Enjoying PCI-DSS compliance, this is the most secured platform. Besides, it can also integrate shopping carts, customer relationship management applications and booking engines. With regard to fraud management, SecurePay is absolutely reliable as it has its own proprietary suite to ensure security at all levels of operations.


Stripe is a relatively a new payment gateway and competes with PayPal and Google Checkout. It has no set up fees, however, transaction fees are as high as 2.9% plus a fixed fee of $0.3. Stripe keeps the credit card information away from the merchant's server. This means that you don't need PCI-compliance. With regard to customer support it is still better off than PayPal and Google Checkout. It is available to sellers in the US and Canada.


Braintree was recently acquired by PayPal and as a payment gateway its target audience are the mid-size e-commerce firms. Braintree has been specifically successful in carving a major presence in the mobile transactions, where PayPal has been aspiring for.


The upfront cost of setting up an account with WorldPay is very high and acts as a deterrent for small and mid-sized business. Backed up by Royal Bank of Scotland, the reliability and safety of transaction is very high. Since WorldPay has limited presence, transactions are not easy globally.


Dwolla, like PayPal has a low cost of service, in fact even lower than PayPal. Dwolla charges only 25 cents per transaction, and any transaction of $10 or less is free. Like PayPal, Dwolla allows you to transfer money to your bank account, the difference being Dwolla does it faster and quicker.

As we see there are plenty of options for online payment processing, while choosing the one for your business make sure you do your own due diligence and consult the experts. Cygnet Infotech provides complete Payment Gateway Integration services cater to a diverse range of shopping carts that include custom cart systems and Open Source among others.

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