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Top 15 Secrets to Hiring Great Developers

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Bringing a great developer can be one of the most critical tasks. After all, that’s the person who is going to be responsible to streamline your business process and may create the online face of your enterprise to enable you to interact smoothly and “Virtually” with your potential customers.

No matter what you’re trying to build, whether you’re developing a simple mobile app, redesigning the user experience of your company website or want business critical applications, you will need to hire a developer who professional to code. The tech job market is already crowded with millions of developers. In such a scenario, it is a daunting task to find and hire great developers who care about what they code.

If you’re just attacking into the world of entrepreneurship, you might be wondering from where to start searching for the right tech talent.  Being an IT manager or non-technical person, the first time you try to fill the position, you will simply put some ads, may browse around the popular online job portals and get enough responses to your job posting.

However, it’s not easy to find the great tech talent from those thousands of resumes you’ve received.  And even if you find a developer, how will you find whether he/she is the perfect for your business or development needs? Well, here’s the list of top 15 secrets that would help recruiters or even CTOs to snatch top talent on the go!

1. Go get in touch with the friends who are coders

Friend in need is a friend indeed. This line goes perfectly when you are in need of hiring developers who are professional. You can approach to any of your friend who is leading the tech team to know the exact hiring process. It will help you approach in a much better way whenever you’re interviewing, asking the questions and judging the response from the developers. 

2. Don’t go in rush for hiring a developer

Rather than trying to finish up the hiring process in speed, it is better to hire quite slowly and let the developers prove themselves within a pre-defined evaluation period. If a developer proves himself/herself, better to make them permanent and continue with them. However, if he/she fails, simply kick them off.  So, hire slowly and prefer to work with 10 developers who are more productive rather than working with 100 non-productive developers. What you say?

3. Let the developers engage in the recruiting process

If you’re a non-technical leader, you might not be the subject-expert and therefore, ensure that you bring the expert developer in the hiring process. Of course, being a leader or non-tech recruiter, you might not be aware about how to code to hire the developer. It is important that you get your development team on the floor and discuss openly about how to hire the best tech-talents from the market.

4. Don’t overlook the experience, but never rely on experience only

This is a thumb rule that every recruiter or CTO should keep in mind while hiring a developer. If you hire the experienced coder, he/she will help you get the most out of your investment. However, experience should not be the only consideration while hiring a developer. 

It’s good that you’ve found the experienced coder, but it doesn’t guarantee the success of your venture. One should also look for creativity, versatility, adaptability and self-starter quality. So, you should consider the experience, but it is not the measure of the skills of a developer. 

5. Pitch the right questions

Being a recruiter or IT manager, if you fail to ask the right kind of questions, you won’t be able to measure the ability of the programmer. To avoid this, get a set of questions available with you before interviewing the developer for your organization. There are a lot of questions you can ask to the developer while hiring. So, make your list and put it straightaway in the front of the developer. For example

  • How do you work?
  • What are your current commitments?
  • Do you see yourself as a project manager or a developer?
  • Can you manage a team of programmers?
  • How you ensure 100% uptime? 

6. Don’t forget to ask for a sample work/code

There are a lot of things you can notice about developer’s coding capabilities and personalities during the hiring process. Try to ask the developer for a sample code. It will help you know how well he/she can write the code. Is it clear? Properly documented? Does the code written by the developer involve any creative idea? If a developer fails to provide appropriate sample code, simply move on to another developer! 

7. Choose a developer with the right kind of aptitude

In the tech world, skills are born to get obsolete every two years and that’s a bitter fact! So, rather than hiring someone having expertise in a specific technology, it is better to hire someone who has the ability to learn new technologies. 

8. How well a developer can fit in the organization or team?

This is one of the major issues when organizations hire developers. Culture fit is as important as technical skills. Whenever you’re hiring a developer, apart from the coding skills, it is important that you observe how well he/she can fit with the rest of the team. 

9. Avoid asking trivia questions about coding or programming

One should understand the fact that developers are smart enough to find answers to some very common questions. So, avoid asking a few of the most common or trivia questions that developers can easily find over the internet. It is a terrible way to identify or determine the capabilities of the developer. Instead, ask open-ended questions to the developer. 

10. What about the work portfolio?

Always check for the work portfolio of the developer you are hiring. It would help you know whether the developer has ability to deliver what you expect from him/her or not. Also, it will give you an idea about their creativity and coding standards. 

11. Do ask for the references

References from the past client or organization could help you get details about the behavior and work quality of a developer. So, don’t forget to crosscheck with the previous clients or companies. 

12. Think of them as a developer and as an individual

Try to know whether the candidate you’re hiring has the ability to get the things done on time or not. How well he/she can manage the deadlines and work pressure? How efficiently they can solve problems in difficult time? One of the most important things you can observe is the passion to work. 

13. Test them as much as you can!

Being a recruiter or IT manager, it is crucial that you hire the excellent developers and to do so, you can assignment some work to the developer that he/she should solve using programming skills. Try to know whether they use their own logic or use someone else already created code. If someone copies the code or logic, then he/she is not “A” grade programmer. 

14. Ask for expectations

While hiring, do not forget to ask for their salary expectation as this would help in identifying what is the current pay scale of the developer you are considering and also give an idea about his/her ability and the deserving package that other organizations are offering. 

15. Acknowledge the candidates

If someone has shown interest in your organization, it is your responsibility to acknowledge him/her. When a developer or coder shows interest in your organization or apply for the position, always revert back with appropriate answer from your end. Don’t make them run around trees!

Now, after going through all these points, do you think you are applying these rules for hiring great development talents in your organization? If not, start following now. Who knows a great developer might be awaiting the right opportunity to join your organization.

Every time you wish to hire an in-house tech talent or even while looking for offshore developer, you can refer these simple guidelines which will not only help you in acquiring the right talent but also help you in retaining them.

Last but not the least, provide a great place to the candidates you hire for your organization. If you fail to provide a healthy and flexible working environment, you may lose great resources working for your organization. So, care for the developers you hire and they will never leave you.

If you are looking to Hire Developers or Programmers, we are sure that you will be able to find the right people in our organization. Get in touch with us, and let's talk about the kind of developers you are looking for. 

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