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Top 3 Marketing Technology Trends CMOs Must Look Out For in 2018

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“In the business of keeping you Hooked to Technology”, the rise of interactive technological innovations has created a sea of opportunities for marketers. trending technologies like Data Analytics, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Voice Search, and Internet of Things. Since the sole objective of CMOs or any marketer is to design and implement the most effective marketing strategies to achieve their goals, to acquire the expected results, it is essential that marketers keep up with the marketing technology trends and utilize to their benefit. Entirely devoted to keep us engaged, they know how to make us push the buttons, swipe, zoom, pinch, coax us to buy their products for days and weeks…. Irresistible apps rule the consumer world and with a right mix of trend, marketers can sure aim for the stars.

Following are few of the marketing technology trends CMOs and marketers should look out for in 2018.


According to Gartner survey, 59% organizations are still gathering information to build their AI strategies, while remainder have already made progress in plotting or adopting AI solutions. The survey is a clear indication of increasing importance and dependency on AI for successful marketing strategies. (Source)

Back in 1991, Bill Gates stated that he believed computers would one day see, hear and learn just as humans do, although it was difficult to imagine that scenario back then, today it has become reality with Artificial Intelligence (AI). Microsoft has embraced Artificial Intelligence while implementing it into various fields by solving crucial healthcare, agricultural issues along with providing better software solutions, empowering Bot Framework, enhance quality of virtual assistant like Cortana and many more.

AI is beneficial to one and all, similarly it is the best tool today marketers have. Their only concern remains how to leverage AI with Data and Information that helps them to come up with the most accurate and effective marketing strategies. After analyzing and understanding data gathered from the Web, using AI and machine learning, marketers and CMOs can not only design strategies but also predict results by decoding data and customer behavior.

Today, plenty of data from the web is the marketers’ and CMO’s disposal. They need to interpret the gathered data and decode it to understand key factors of customer behavior that are required to consider while designing marketing strategies. This helps them understand what is trending, what their customers need, what are their decision-making factors, what attracts them the most and many more. Correct use of AI and machine learning will help them process and understand details that will eventually help them create smarter marketing strategies. Gathering data from the past strategies and learning which factors influenced their behavior in positive or negative way, will help in future to create strategies for the best result.


Blockchain being the most talked about technology will grow even more since increasing acceptance around the globe. A shared, distributed, decentralized ledger removes third party interference by connecting the two along with providing security. Thus, Blockchain brings transparency eliminating the chance of fraud and forged documents. While running advertising and marketing campaigns, transparency helps the marketers to build a positive brand image. Due to conventional methods of advertising and marketing, it was globally believed that companies create false stories without verifying the facts to attract customers; Blockchain will bring in transparency and help them prove their story building a positive image since it is not possible to forge digital transaction and they will eventually gain their clients’ trust.


Irrespective of your industry and size of the organization, few things are essential for all the marketing campaign and one of them is Conveying the Right Message to the Right Person at the Right Time.

Expansion in machine learning and data analytics has made it possible to reach out to the target audience easily. Access to the Big Data allows identifying the audience’s behavior. It helps in gathering important information such as their age, gender, cultural background, geographical location, interests, past behavior etc. Tacking the whole process and understanding customer behavior can help the CMOs and marketers to identify their strong and weak areas, why they choose a particular company, what helps them to come to a decision etc. This will help the CMOs and marketers to understand the mindset of users; as a result, a smart and effective strategy could be formed that can provide more personalized experience.  

With time, the way marketing strategies are formed is changing. Yet, it all comes down to providing the best customer experience. Today, CMOs have several technological tools at their disposal. Making the best out of them to design marketing strategies will lead them to create accurate and more effective marketing strategies. Are you planning to step-up with the trend and intertwine marketing and technology? If you need help with developing engaging and irresistible applications based on emerging technologies, write to us at inquiry@cygnetinfotech.com

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