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    15 2015

    Want to Reduce Cart Abandonment? Inspire Trust by Addressing Privacy & Security Concerns!

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    Electronic commerce or ecommerce has been transforming the nuts and bolts of shopping since the last few years. The online shopping revolution has made it possible for people to shop anytime, right from the comfort of home.

    Nonetheless, users still think twice of their privacy and security while they share personal information and credit card numbers to place an order online. If you are an ecommerce website owner and facing high rate of shopping cart abandonment, unable to convert visitors into paying customers, it may have something to do with the customers’ security and privacy concerns.

    People are comfortable buying from an online store only when they feel that their personal information is protected, and that the sites security system is uncompromised.

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    Reasons why users’ personal information is hacked are many. During ecommerce web development, you need to take all steps you can take to plug all the loopholes that give hackers a foothold in your website. Let’s take a quick look at privacy and security concerns of users.

    a) Privacy Concern

    In order to place an order, customers disclose personal information like names, postal addresses and cell numbers. Of these, phone numbers are exchanged for cold-calling processes; it’s a misuse and violation privacy of someone’s contact number for sure. Similarly, some websites use the email addresses and other information provided by the customers for unsolicited mailing.

    b) Security Concern

    Although sharing credit card details on an online store is not risky, many customers are wary of parting with their financial details. The fear of phishing may stop the users from divulging their details, and they may leave your website due to this fear. This is especially true for lesser-known ecommerce stores that fail to offer enough reassurance to the users.

    How to Battle and Dispel Security and Privacy Concerns

    Your online store can send some obvious and some subconscious signals to dispel the customers’ fears. Here are the most popular and effective methods for making the users feel safe.

    Ecommerce Security And Privacy

    1) Display Privacy Policy Prominently

    Post a simple and easily accessible privacy policy on your site. Let users know how their information is managed and what measures for protecting their privacy have already been taken. Be clear, transparent and upfront. You can also go one step ahead and participate in online seal programs to get a privacy seal.

    A popular privacy seal like TRUSTe offers a sense of peace of mind and safety to users-both old and new. Seals stamp the strictness of privacy protection on your site. Talk to ecommerce website development experts. Choose a seal and display it.

    2) Database Security and Network Protection

    Thousands of hackers threaten your database information. Your database may contain details regarding customers’ identification and essentials. Securing database and using protected network firewall, you offer them security. Hold talks with web developers and try maximizing security of your database and network effectively.

    3) Authenticity, Quality Check and Strict Security

    Your e-commerce site displays various products and services. If you are a thirty party distributor and seller, be sure of quality, authenticity of every brand you offer. Say, you are offering digital accessories on your store. Double quality check before you dispatch. Every device you use to collect cash must go through quality check. This will ensure that you do not get a bad reputation due to negative customer reviews.

    4) Guarantee Rock Solid Payment Security

    Ecommerce Security And Privacy 1

    While credit card payment is pretty safe, phishing and other fraudulent activities scare quite a few people away from online shopping. When a security-conscious customer comes to your online store, he will look for some signs of security.

    Displaying the fact that you have an SSL layer encryption on the web page is good idea. And, as long as you are using such security measures, the padlock will also show up in the browsers, reassuring the customers that it is safe for them to use their cards to shop from your online store.

    The success of your online store depends on a number of factors, but trust is the basic feature without which everything else is useless. By addressing the legitimate concerns of your customers, you create a safe and positive online environment for online shoppers.

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