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Why you Need a Dedicated Team for Offshore Software Development

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Software development plays a vital role in the every industry, and with passage of time, it has become an essential part of almost all industry verticals. Apart from large enterprises, small and mid-sized businesses are also incorporating custom software applications to streamline work processes and boost productivity. Most companies outsource software development and hire a dedicated team for their project as it is a great option to get quality results at competitive rates.

Though there are plenty of reasons to hire software developers from an offshore software development company, here are few key ones to do so:

  1. Get a team of competent personnel to work on specific  requirements

  2. Get top-quality resources for your work

  3. Set up proper monitoring of your project

  4. Receive required technical support

Besides the reasons, what makes hiring a dedicated team more preferable are the benefits that come along with it? Let’s take a closer look at how a dedicated software development team is advantageous for your project and your business.

Complete Control Over the Team

This facility, provided by several offshore companies, has won the hearts of several businesses. The clients are allowed to choose personnel. They can choose such individuals who possess skill-sets to meet their (clients) specific requirements. Moreover, they are given complete control over the team. At any phase of the development, clients can communicate with the team and can give their considerations. Further, they can add more resources to the team whenever required and can also free them if there’s no necessity.

Regular Updates on Project Progress

This was once a grave problem of outsourcing software development projects. But that was when Internet had shortages of messengers and proper reporting tools. Thanks to software applications, offshore companies now have proper tools like Microsoft Excel, ERP systems, etc. which are widely used to give proper updates to clients. This is actually a great way to keep checking the progress of your project.

Based on your convenience and curiosity, you can ask for updates on regular basis or on weekly and monthly basis too. Generally all good development companies give you updates on monthly basis until you specify for weekly reports or regular updates.

Cohesive Communication

A consistent communication is very important duringsoftware development, which is very much possible with a dedicated team. Most good companies nowadays provides a single point of contact in ‘hire developers’ model which makes it easy for clients to address their technical as well as non-technical problems. This single point of contact is the project manager. But in case clients wish to talk to any of the developer, they can even do so.

This comes in quite handy while addressing specific technical problems. There is no need to go through the entire hierarchy and hence, clients can have seamless communication with their team. Further, advanced messengers like Skype and Google Talk and advanced CRM and ERP systems have made it easy for clients to stay in contact with the development centers.

Minimal Risks

Making changes at the end of the project involves lots of risks. But with a dedicated team, you have the freedom to make changes in the project as and when desired. So if you’re not happy with the development process, changes can be made and implemented immediately. Also, your dedicated team understands your project expectations, thoroughly analyzes your requirements and then gives you the best possible solutions.

This agility in process helps a lot in minimizing risks related to development. Besides, there is also minimal risk in terms of privacy and confidentiality as most offshore companies sign a non-disclosure agreement. Hence, your data is absolutely safe with them.

Extremely Cost-effective

Setting up an in-house IT infrastructure and its maintenance is not only cumbersome, but also expensive. The production costs will involve rent on equipment, system maintenance and paychecks of course. All these operating costs can be saved by hiring software developers where the overall development cost simply includes the cost of hiring developers. You can hire resources as per project’s requirements without bothering about any long-term commitments, contracts or liabilities.

The Bottom Line

Dedicated team models will give you better delivery in terms of performance and products, given you have the right people by your side. Apart from the above mentioned benefits, a single great positive aspect of this model is reduction in dependencies between teams of different skill-sets. An agile offshore dedicated development team is definitely better than other outsourcing models in terms of project management, product delivery and quality control.

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