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Dynamic xRM Solutions

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Microsoft Dynamics CRM encompasses all the features and functions available in basic CRM software along with many advanced features. Dynamics CRM has seen several upgrades and enhancements with the growing times, to address different business needs and processes which has made it outshine simple CRM. With an aim to expand the scope of CRM further and make it more flexible for future business needs, Microsoft has extended the functionality of CRM which can manage other entities of business over and above managing customers. Since this extension reflects the extension of CRM, it is addressed as xRM.

What exactly is xRM?

xRM is a strategy that takes Dynamics CRM one step further. 

  • Whereas CRM can manage sales automation,marketing automation and customer service automation, xRM can support one platform, many applications  across organization
  • Whereas CRM automates marketing, sales and service processes, XRM can automate any relevant business process or relationship
  • Whereas CRM tracks interactions, activities, or tasks, while XRM does the same - for whatever "X" is.

Advantages of xRM

Extending Microsoft Dynamics CRM with its xRM capabilities provides several advantages to businesses:

  • Enhanced automation: Every critical or monotonous task which employees have to perform manually can be automated
  • Quicker deployments: With XRM plug-ins, it is possible to expand the functionality of Dynamics CRM. This rescues developers from developing business applications from scratch.
  • Security: xRM extensions allow for more effective security features, including security roles for users and objects that restricts access to sensitive data, SSL connections for data transfer, and more.
  • Stability: xRM exensions also provide stability of an enterprise-level CRM system on which developers can build business applications
  • Integration: xRM exensions integrate existing systems to CRM, releasing data trapped in outdated systems. Moreover, Dynamics CRM also provides an integration facility with Microsoft SharePoint® and Microsoft Office® applications including Outlook®, Excel®, and Word
  • Powerful features: xRM solutions provide powerful workflows, reporting, data modeling, and web services
  • Usability: The user interface is  familiar for anyone who uses Microsoft Office applications
  • Scalability: xRM exensions are highly scalable to match the needs of any organization, regardless of size.

With the above benefits, xRM provides a cutting edge to CRM and contributes in enhancing business processes and the organization's competitive readiness to a great extent.

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