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    11 2017

    ZEST- For the Go-Getters

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    Beginning of new year gushes in the feeling of fresh air and fresh energy – eagerly looking forward to all the new up-comings… So what’s new this year? Cygnet Infotech – ZEST is the new spark to our lives! Ok…what is ZEST?!

    “One resolution I have made and try always to keep, is this: To rise above the little things.”

    ~John Burroughs

    ZEST – is the ‘NEXT’ thing in Cygnet. A corporate training program by Cygnet, for Cygnet and within Cygnet campus. An epitome of nurturing and propelling skill sets, ZEST focuses to open a world full of opportunities. ZEST takes you through a journey, an experience which each Cygnetian can hold close to their hearts for a lifetime.

    What is ZEST for Cygnetians?

    The corporate campus is already buzzing with new Cygnetians…somewhere close to 50...!

    OMG my parking space!!! (the new headache) On a lighter note…So what do we plan to do with them?

    Well, we plan to inject industriousness, diligence, humor, software, corporate know-how and a lot more technical and non-technical stuffs… Here’s welcoming our first batch for Zest 2017. Cheers…

    Why ZEST?

    The need for a new generation of leaders has never been greater, so it is very necessary to stand tall and let the future leaders march in, so that the leaders of today can mould the leaders of tomorrow.

    ZEST represents Engage, Synergize and Transform – this incubation environment is an opportunity for every Cygnetian to grow along-with the latest trends and be at par with the industry.  ‘IT is About You’ - reflects in Cygnet’s approach to every engagement. ZEST is a direct reflection of our vision statement - we care for our people and community.

    What do we look forward to with ZEST?

    Our first batch for ZEST sees 50 newbies getting inducted after several strenuous tests and personal interviews. They will undergo an extensive training of four months. ZEST’s ice-breaking session and inauguration was spearheaded by Niraj Hutheesing, Founder Director of Cygnet Group followed by other key stakeholders. So, our sculptors for this batch are some of the prominent and reputed trainers from the industry, senior management from Cygnet Infotech and YOU - as a Cygnetian!

    It’s rightly said that “Ability is what you are capable of doing, Motivation determines what you do and Attitude determines how well you do it…” We aim to create a work place that will acclimatize every Cygnetian with an efficacious aura. So Cygnetians, hold your breaths, as ZEST will fly past every teams, senior managements, mid senior to teams and executives…Till then keep guessing what is in store!

    Here’s to the New Beginnings! Cheers!!!

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