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Poor data security, unsatisfactory ROI, performance lags, process inefficiencies, lack of flexibility and storage issues are some of the challenges faced by businesses. With 18 years of experience and proven knowhow, the Cygnet team successfully empowers clients with scalable, secure, reliable and tailored cloud solutions and services. We define, design, develop, and deliver efficient and robust cloud solutions. Cygnet closely works with you for an in depth understanding of your requirements and builds a tailored cloud-based solution that meets your needs. Effective cloud solutions will allow you to take advantage of mobility, flexibility as well as big data, which ensure rapid evolution, modernization and growth.




Cloud Advisory and Consulting

The Cygnet Cloud Advisory and Consulting team understands and performs a thorough research to deliver the best. Our offerings include-

  • Analyzing your requirements thoroughly
  • Efficient advising and consulting services that provide flexibility
  • Ensure transformation and growth
  • Skillful cloud technology experts guide you through the entire cloud journey of building, migrating and maintaining business centric cloud based solutions and services

Cloud Deployment and Migration

The Cygnet team helps you build and develop custom cloud based solutions that fit your business and help you meet your business goals. Our team of cloud experts

  • Analyze and research how your existing applications are hosted in the current environment
  • Identify your migration path and needs
  • Provide security and flexibility
  • Define what to migrate and to which cloud platform for the best results and optimum solution performance

Cloud Application Development

In today’s competitive business environment, leaders are looking for advanced, secure and accessible applications without the restraints of time, location and device. Hosting the application on a cloud server ensures the same. Hence, Cygnet helps you with-

  • Creating cloud-based applications that are interactive, integrated, secure and compatible
  • Ensures you have easy access as well as new updates and features implemented immediately
  • Cygnet also offers SaaS Development Services to help you maximize your business potential
  • We utilize the best fit and latest technology for your line of business
  • Cloud-based Database Distribution Application
  • Windows Application Migration to Cloud
  • Events Search Portal Development on Cloud
  • Cloud-based Bus Stop Maintenance Application
  • Test Automation of a Procurement Solution in the Cloud
  • Property Management Portal developed on Cloud
  • SAAS-based CRM Solution
  • Document Management System with SAAS Control
  • E-learning Solutions

Cloud Management

In order to ensure smooth functioning, cloud management is as essential as building efficient cloud solutions. The Cygnet team offers-

  • Comprehensive cloud management services including protection of cloud assets, data loss prevention, failure and downtime
  • Define, design, develop and deploy robust cloud ecosystems
  • Assisting enterprises with functional agility, efficient integration, and smooth IT governance across applications

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