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Robust integrations that bring business critical information from heterogeneous enterprise systems – on premise, on-cloud or third-party apps – to one dashboard

  • Our enterprise application integration (EAI) services enable you to coordinate and consolidate data from various systems with intuitive presentations to:

    • Support building Modern Enterprise Dashboards without disturbing existing systems
    • Enable scalability with Component-based Integration
    • Safeguard ESB data at every point
    • Support hybrid deployments


    Our application integration teams are well-versed with a wide range of technologies, frameworks and methodologies, enabling us to serve the most complex application integration needs.

    Leveraging our years of experience with integrating a wide range of disparate applications, and our expertise in various technologies and integration tools, we help you build the ideal integration roadmap. Our holistic consulting services ensure that the integrations are driven by real business context and are in line with your business processes and strategy.

    Through our integration architecture design services, we identify integration opportunities and help enterprises benefit from emerging technologies. Right from detailed requirements & system analysis to modeling to reference implementation and architectural review – we follow a thorough and standardized process to create a blueprint that optimizes integration benefits and mitigates risks.

    We implement integrations for web, mobile, desktop, as well as cloud applications. Our team can understand your business requirements, derive business rules, set processes, and implement strategic integrations to enhance your efficiency while domain and technology knowledge ensures that we deliver intelligent integrations without dependence on vendors.

    We perform rigorous system integration testing to ensure seamless data exchange between different applications and related systems. At the same time, our QA experts ensure that individual modules, interfaces, reporting, operations and other functionalities perform as expected.

    Our health assessment solutions ensure any changes in the underlying systems - minor system changes or entire migration process - are handled well in time to maintain the correctness of EAI Dashboards.

    Platform Expertise

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