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Drive real-time integrity and keep everyone on the same page with Cygnet’s Communication & Collaboration services

  • Our collaboration service involves implementation of technology solutions on web, mobile or cloud platforms your across enterprise to create a contextual and interactive work environment that fosters teamwork, agility and responsiveness and aid in achieving the desired operational efficiency across dispersed processes and people.

    • Increase personal and team productivity
    • Unite people, information and processes to drive informed and swift decision making
    • Reduce duplication and errors due to centralization of process and information repositories
    • Find right people and information at the right time
    • Achieve synchronous and asynchronous collaboration with real-time information sharing
    • Manage tasks and connect to right processes through a unified collaboration platform


    Our collaboration and communication services include full-cycle services – from planning to building and managing the existing solutions ensuring increase in insights, productivity and cross-border teamwork.

    Cygnet helps enterprises adopt communication and collaboration platforms by carefully analyzing their objectives, environment and growth expectations. Our consultants formulate the entire roadmap for achieving the desired collaboration – right from creating adoption and governance strategy, defining configuration options, setting up data security and key reporting to organizing the entire structure as per department, group, team and individual role.

    • Collaboration Analysis – Preliminary Survey and Business Process Analysis
    • Collaboration Strategy & Set-up – Identification of Use cases, Selection and Adoption of Best Practices, Technology and Platform

    We provide comprehensive assistance to architect and deploy the required collaboration platform with complete support till the go-live stage. While architecting the collaboration structure, and deploying the same, we always ensure our services deliver business value and meet your desired goals.

    • Collaboration & Project Management Server Deployment
    • Collaboration Applications & Workflow Deployment – CMS, Webparts and Farms Installation
    • Database Construction & Channel Deployment
    • User Interface & Design Customization

    We aid enterprises like yours in developing the required communication and collaboration capabilities to meet your business objectives. We also develop applications to extend the collaboration facilities on cloud and mobile devices leveraging our expertise in corresponding tools and technologies.

    • Collaboration Portals – Intranets, Extranets & Community Sites
    • Knowledge Sharing Applications – Blogs, Wikis, Social Apps

    Our customization and configuration services make sure that your enterprise meets specific requirements and preferences which are critical to the success of your collaboration initiatives. We have experienced consultants with deep domain expertise who recommend and tailor a specific solution in a way that yields maximum value out of your investments.

    • Customization & Synchronization of Connection between Servers & Applications – SharePoint, Lync and Exchange
    • Customization & Configuration of Workflow and Security Parameters
    • Customization & Configuration of Social & Microblogging Apps
    • SharePoint Incoming & Outgoing Mail Configuration

    To help clients tap the capabilities and benefits of other collaboration and engagement platforms, our SMEs provides application integration support. Our services are aimed at creating an integrated architecture that reduces the complexities of consolidating information and tasks from multiple sources, which eventually enhance your collaboration capabilities and assist in taking nimble decisions.

    • LOB (Lines of Business Applications) Integration
    • Social Integration – Yammer, Single Sign-on, Instant Messenger, Discussion Boards & Forums
    • Enterprise Search Integration
    • Internal Enterprise Integration – Calendar, Contacts, Tasks and Projects

    We provide onshore and offshore support services to maintain your existing collaboration environment, ensuring accurate governance of data and information. We also extend support to track and manage the results in line with your corporate compliance policies and communication procedures.

    • Defect Management Support
    • Records Management & Maintenance + Archiving & Security
    • Platform Service Pack & Accounts Management
    • Social Media Monitoring & Collaboration Analytics

    Platform Expertise

About Cygnet

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