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Streamline the process of storing, organizing, accessing,searching, securing and regulating documents and records with Cygnet’s Document Management Services.

  • Our documents management service involves assisting enterprises in managing and automating the lifecycle of documents and records with technology-enabled solutions that promises to expand horizontal competitiveness, overcome compliance issues, lower overhead costs and enforce right disposition of information for performing business processes.

    • Enable quick access and easy sharing of digital documents and records
    • Secure all your vital information with proper back & disaster recovery plan
    • Ensure regulatory and legal compliance in your business documentation
    • Save costs and efforts spent on storing, retrieving and maintaining documents & information
    • Automate data collection and document version controls
    • Reduce response time and provide more accurate information to enhance relationships with stakeholders


    Cygnet assists enterprises by providing full-cycle support around document management – consulting, development, migration, integration, testing and maintenance; on web, cloud and mobile platforms, with enormous capabilities in the following areas:

    We can develop tailored document lifecycle management systems to streamline and optimize entire processes – document creation to destruction in a manner that transform your documents into strategic assets and increase your operational & collaboration efficiency.

    • Document Templating
    • Compliance Management
    • Document Creation & Drafting
    • Contract Management
    • Document Hosting
    • Destruction Management
    • Conflict Management

    We have experience of developing mobile-enabled and cloud-based document management systems that help you collaborate and respond to processes on the go with ease.

    • Mobile Access from iPhone, iPad, Android devices
    • Multi-tenant and Multi-instance Cloud Support
    • Offline Processing
    • User Alerts

    We help you gain more control over the processing of documents by automating it with personalized document processing systems that best suits your business needs and format.

    • Automatic Document Distribution
    • Document Import & Export Processing
    • Document Workflow & Approval Management 
    • Document Sharing & Collaboration
    • Document Comparison
    • Meta Data Cleaning
    • Workflow History Audit

    We also have experience of developing solutions for protecting documents with 100% rights and authorization management that delivers full control of your business’s intellectual content and information.

    • Permissions Management
    • User Rights & Access Controlling
    • Digital Signature Integration
    • Firewall Integration
    • Data Encryption (SSL & AES 256)
    • Disaster Recovery Support
    • Document Backup & Retrieval Management
    • Document Certifications & Licensing
    • Quality Control

    We have experience of developing integrated document management solutions that seamlessly work in line with your existing systems and environments supporting your business processes with ease. 

    • CMS, CRM & ERP Systems
    • Project Management Systems
    • SharePoint Portals
    • Business Intelligence & Analytics Systems
    • Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
    • Outlook & Email Servers
    • Exchange
    • iManage
    • Lotus Notes
    • Active Directory

    We can develop customized document storage and records management solutions equipped with state-of-the-art facilities to help you store your electronic documents and sensitive information safely and with ease. 

    • Document Indexing & Capturing
    • Offsite & Onsite Data Archiving
    • Live Storage & Retrieval Management
    • Meta Data-based Search Process

    We have experience in document versioning and controls to ensure there are no versioning errors which helps regulate the access to the documents with key to security of data and information without loss. 

    • Version Migration
    • Electronic signoff
    • Audit Trial

    We also have expertise in document accounting and reports management that help you automate the processes of tracking and auditing document records eliminating labor-intensive and error-prone processes. 

    • Document Extraction & Validation
    • Document Verification
    • Dynamic Reports
    • History Tracking  (versions, revisions, change proceedings)
    • Document Status Management

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