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To transform the business operations into unprecedented dimensions, modern enterprises have to start relying on IT systems to gain improved benefits. Enterprises have to build robust and scalable applications, test, maintain, re-engineer and transform legacy systems by adopting agile ways. Security and ease of use have always been Cygnet’s primary considerations when it comes to developing enterprise applications or cloud solutions. Our team ensures strategic technology approach, collaborates with your business to understand the requirements and accelerates development by adopting Agile methodology.




Technology Consulting

Cygnet offers comprehensive technology services to provide suitable strategies and solutions according to your business objectives. Our technology experts help you identify the most suitable technologies for your solution and further help you define and design strategies, architecture and successful implementation. With Cygnet’s portfolio of integrated and collaborative technology solutions, we ensure maximum efficiency for your business. Our services include-

  • Comprehensive assessment
  • Identify the right technology
  • Innovative alternatives
  • Appropriate methodology and approach
  • Migration feasibility
  • Define strategy

Application Design, Development and Maintenance

With increasing competition in today’s business environment, enterprises are always in pursuit of effective solutions to stay ahead of the competition. Having catered to a number of enterprises with efficient solutions, Cygnet understands your requirements, and delivers technology innovation to optimize business processes. Our services include-

  • Web and Mobile Application services
  • Application modernization
  • Application enhancement
  • Application Integration
  • Application upgrade
  • Migration services
  • Support and maintenance

Legacy application modernization

Technology innovations and societal changes are dramatically changing business environment. No matter how well planned your application has been, after a while legacy application becomes a burden. Increasing cost of legacy maintenance, inflexibility to advancements and enhancements, management challenges, unfriendly user experience, are some of the challenges that lead enterprises to consider upgrade and modernization to their legacy applications. Cygnet has acquired relevant experience and large teams of expert and skillful professionals. We help you migrate your legacy application that meets your needs, and ensure a scalable framework, mitigate security and performance risks associated with outdated technologies.

  • Application portfolio assessment
  • Application portfolio optimization
  • Application modernization
  • Application re-architecture
  • Application re-engineering
  • Data migration

Enterprise Content Management

Expanding business means increase in content generation and challenging to manage it efficiently. Understanding the major challenges faced by enterprises, Cygnet offers innovative solutions that enable organizations to reduce human intervention, lessen administrative and operational costs, smooth and streamline content management process that ultimately helps in taking immediate and more informed decisions. Our Enterprise Content Management Services include-

  • Web content management
  • Communications and collaboration
  • Enterprise mobility
  • Documents and record management
  • Business intelligence
  • Enterprise resource planning

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