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Vehicle Management Application is a Windows 8 mobile application for managing vehicles. It lets you effectively manage and track the performance, maintenance and mileage of your vehicles be it Car, Bike, Bus, Truck or Scooter. Vehicle Management App is specifically designed to help you set up customizable reminders that notifies about the next service, oil change, parts change, air check and fuel refill in a particular vehicle. It also boasts a feature to calculate mileage of the vehicles based on the quantity of the fuel put in and the distance travelled by a specific vehicle. Vehicle Management App also provides various reports and detailed statistics related to service charges, mileage, etc. giving a clear picture of how your vehicle is performing.


  • Interactive and user-friendly interface
  • Facilitates managing any number of vehicles
  • Simple process to fill vehicle information with drop-downs lists and manual fields
  • Supports multiple fuel types such as petrol, diesel, LPG and CNG
  • Integrates Calendar to set up reminders and send real-time notifications
  • Displays notifications on the home - screen using Live Tiles
  • Tracks and displays reports on weekly, monthly and yearly basis
  • Showcases mileage in terms of the Km/Liter, Km/Gallon and Km/Kg
  • Facility to Snooze or Dismiss reminders/notifications of services and fuel refills
  • Facility to add, edit or delete items within Vehicle and Maintenance category

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