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Theme and Project Based Rangoli Competition on Diwali 2012

When Diwali, the festival of light was looming, it was a time of celebration at Cygnet. This year Cygnet decided to celebrate the festival with the employees in a different and innovative way. The celebration was split up into many activities and events based on themes which included a traditional day celebration, workspace decoration competition and rangoli competition.

Since Rangoli is considered as a traditional symbol of Diwali, many employees were quite enthusiastic in showing their flair and creativity in Rangoli competition. But with an idea to promote innovation and ascertain conceptualization of employees, Cygnet announced a project and theme based Rangoli competition wherein participants were supposed to highlight either a project or technical aspect in their Rangoli or demonstrate a process or concept in the design.  

Here’s the art of the creative minds who presented various concepts, themes and projects in their Rangolis.

Technical Themebased Rangoli

Cygnet Rangoli 2012

Beside the Rangoli Competition, employees also excitedly participated in the Workspace Decoration Competition wherein they decorated their work areas with different stuff depicting their technical projects and processes.

On the whole, employees enjoyed trying their hands in such competitions and exploring each other's creativity.  

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