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“Celebrate what you’ve accomplished, but raise the bar a little each time you succeed.”

Gliding past 17 glorious years of experience and customer satisfaction. Cygnet Infotech takes immense pride by adding a new feather to its cap with each year passing. The Cygnet Anniversary has been a constant reminder to each Cygnetian to dream big and pursuing them tirelessly. June 6th – symbolizing a new tomorrow, Cygnet strongly believes connecting technology to lives and empowering every individual.

Cygnet envisions to passionately empower lives globally rock-solid pillars of Trust, Reliability, Agility and Technical Excellence.

Our 17 years of journey has been a mix of many happy moments with some disappointments, innovative as well as some customary experiences. Niraj Hutheesing, Founder and Director, Cygnet Infotech, said: “If you ask me have we achieved what we set out to, the answer is Maybe Yes, Maybe No. But without retrospective analysis we should have a culture of learning aligned to Cygnet’s goals.”  Few of the noteworthy achievements that Cygnet loves to look back to include; achieving the GSP license, surpassing 200 competitors and standing tall amongst Fortune 500 companies! Indeed, a surmounting experience for everyone at Cygnet.

Our Promise to Cygnet…Imbibing the very essence of ‘IT is about you’, we Cygnetians take an oath to have a Cygnet First Attitude by embracing newer technology and a process first approach with a consultative mindset for contributing to Cygnet’s growth and profitability. Delivering the ‘wow’ experience to each customer – Together, we promise to surpass every expectation with flying colors and contribute to the larger vision – celebrating 17 years of Engineering Experiences!

Here’s to our New Beginnings…

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