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Cygnet Infotech Launched Hrinnova – An HRMS Solution that Delivers Automation in Complex HR Environments

Ahmedabad, India – June 08, 2016: Cygnet Infotech, one of the premier offshore IT services provider further establishes its footprint in the solution space with the launch of its HRIMS solutions called ‘HRINNOVA’ which is highly customizable, scalable and aims at simplifying HR process by eliminating redundancies. Mukesh Gajjar, AVP IT & Operations, the brain behind Hrinnova, inaugurated the solution at Yugma 2016, Cygnet’s Annual event. Mukesh’s vision and his talented team have been instrumental in shaping this into a robust, marketable solution. In 2009 when it was first incubated as a tool with basic Project Management functionalities to cater internal requirements, he realized the potential of what he was getting into.

Over the years, it has evolved it into a full-fledged, comprehensive HRIS solution through continuous testing, round the clock development and active support from HR department.

During the event, he said,

Over the years, human resource has been considered as a cost centre for organizations, but our disruptive solution would turn it into a profit centre.

Where does Hrinnova fit into Organizations?

The importance of human resource management continues to increases given the adoption of mobile and technology at workplace but the lack of analytical tools and clear visibility on employees hampers the incremental growth and this, in turn, impacts the bottom-line. HR Leaders are undone with the sheer burden of administrative tasks preventing them from taking leadership role and contributing to organization’s growth.

This is where Hrinnova comes in to the picture. It is a comprehensive blend of technology, design and robust analytics that empowers HR to counter administrative redundancies and focus on managing and nurturing talent.
Some of the key features of HRINNOVA include Attendance & timesheet, Performance management, Project management, Payroll, Recruitment, Organizational chart, Employee directory, and reporting.

This pr was released in OpenPR.

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