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Celebration of Cygnet GSP’s Journey of Success

“We are THE TEAM, with the Biggest Heart, Best Preparation, Deepest Passion, Strongest Togetherness, and Will to Succeed!  ~ Ty Howard

After months of hard work invested in development, testing, delivery, implementation, launch and handling customer inquiries, Cygnet GSP celebrated their GST success with a gala dinner and dance party. An evening to remember, the occasion was a delightful celebration and a truly memorable moment for entire team of Cygnet GSP who put blood, toil, tears and sweat to go the extra mile and ensure success for Cygnet GSP.

True to Cygnet GSP’s motto Return Filing Simplified, the Cygnet GSP team left no stone unturned in making it a success and it has gone down do well with all our clients.

The event kicked off with an impassioned short talk by Founder and Director Niraj Hutheesing where he shared Cygnet GSP’s journey from inception, the challenges he faced along the way and how he overcame them all with his grit and firm belief in his team’s capability to deliver. The short talk followed an interaction with team on grounds, who shared their views and how the journey was filled with tremendous learning. The pleasant interaction was later followed by cake-cutting, dinner and footloose DJ party.

Cygnet GSP provides tax payers automated upload and download of data, integration with customer software (ERP, accounting systems) and alternate tax payer friendly interface for return filing and reconciliation. Join us and start filing your return within next 72 hours.

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