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Cygnet Celebrates 15th Anniversary in Style – Glimpses from an Evening to Remember

On 14th June, Cygnet celebrated 15 years of growth, success and excellence. In what was easily one of our grandest celebrations till date, we had the joy of welcoming close to 800 Cygnetians along with their spouses and kids. Not only was the venue – Golden Glory Banquet in Karnavati Club – decked up in all its glory, but the ladies, gentlemen and children were all dressed to the nines. And what added an extra zing to the event was the presence of our clients from all over the globe.

As one entered the venue, strategically placed Cygnet logos guided one to the right hall. Enthusiastic volunteers welcomed you with a smile, and you also got a ticket for a lucky draw. A photo booth, filled with interesting props and ethereal lights, stood right at the entrance, and Cygnetians took full advantage of it.

 Pictures Of 1St Floor Entrance With Amee And Others At The Booth Some Photo Booth Images 2

Continuing with the longstanding tradition at Cygnet, the event kicked off with Ganesh Vandana. Along with the powerful music and chants, we witnessed a passionate indo-western dance. Following a powerful performance, the hosts Vikram Bajaj and Varun Sukheeja opened up the event by inviting the spouses of Cygnet employees to light the ceremonial lamp.

Cygnet Celebrates 15Th Anniversary 16

Following the lamp lighting ceremony, the hosts invited Mr. Apurva Ashar to the stage to deliver the welcome speech. He regaled the audience with an inspiring and touching story from the life of two founders: Mr. Ashar himself and Mr. Niraj Hutheesing. He talked about how the seeds of Cygnet were sown, and his words inspired Cygnetians to dream big and work hard towards transforming the dreams into reality. Next, the clients were introduced, with great cheers from the audience.

Photos Of Apurva Sir Giving The Speech 4

What is Cygnet? What drives us, and towards what goals are we moving? A video with Cygnet’s vision, mission and core values answered these questions.

After reaffirmation of the vision, mission and values, the audience was treated to a short and inspiring video of Cygnet’s journey was show on the large screens. The video was accompanied with an earnest speech from one of Cygnet’s oldest employees, Mr. Mukesh Gajjar. 

Cygnet Celebrates 15Th Anniversary 35

One of the highlights of the event was a speech by Niraj Hutheesing. While Mr. Ashar’s speech touched on the roots of Cygnet, Mr. Hutheesing gave us a glimpse of Cygnet’s future. The speech was followed by invitation to clients, Cygnet employees and family members, for the unveiling of Cygnet’s calendar – a beautiful calendar that is inspired by Cygnet’s mission, vision and values.

Cygnet Celebrates 15Th Anniversary 40

But it was not only about performances and speeches and launches – the next part of the show was dedicated to the people who embody the spirit of Cygnet, people who have helped Cygnet soar to its current heights. Yes, it was the time for appreciating the efforts of Cygnet’s employees. It was the time for the awards ceremony.

Individuals and teams were given awards in various categories: 1) Cygnet Value Champions (for employees who always work with the Cygnet spirit in their hearts), 2) Excellence Awards (for best performers), 3) Project Manager (best PMs of the year), 4) Best Teams of the Year, 5) Debutant of the Year (for Cygnet), 6) Cygnetian of the year.

Enter Photos Of Niraj Sir Speaking And Photo Of All The People Standing With The Calendar 5

The awards were interspersed with powerful cultural dance performances – Rajasthani Folk Dance and Gujarati Folk Dance.

Please Photos Of People Taking Awards

Following the awards and performances, we enjoyed the speech by Mr. Tejinder Pal Singh Oberoi, which was succeeded by a vote of thanks from all the directors. Last but not the least, we had a fabulous dinner. All the kids were happy – they got a return gift of a big pack of chocolates. But the adults were also in for a treat – all Cygnetians were gifted awesome watches as a memento for the event!

Cygnet Celebrates 15Th Anniversary 10

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