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Cygnet Completes 12 Glorious Years of Success

Today - June 6, 2012, Cygnet has very successfully and gloriously completed 12 years of its services in IT industry. In these 12 years, Cygnet has worked hard to serve clients across 5 continents and emerged as a successful software solutions provider.

12 years ago it started with a small team which has now grown to 300+ employees. It has achieved huge expertise in various technologies like .Net, Java, SharePoint, Dynamics CRM, PHP, Mobile Applications, etc and has developed various customized solutions for clients in various industries.

Cygnet 12 Years Anniversary

Since its founding on June 6, 2000, Cygnet has continuously worked to develop itself as one of the leading IT solutions provider. It has achieved various accreditations and certifications for providing quality solutions to clients and maintaining industry standards. In the span of 12 years, it has won various clients’ appreciation and satisfaction with its innovative work methodology and solutions.

On this day, the Managing Director of Cygnet expressed joy by saying:

“On completing 12 years of Cygnet is a moment of pride and satisfaction for me. It is a result of team work, care and understanding which has ensured our ongoing success. I would contribute this success to all CYGNETIANS as well all our clients whose ongoing faith in us has ensured SUCESSFUL journey over last 12 years.”

He also gave a commitment to continue deliver such quality solutions to client’s in the coming years.

The whole team of Cygnet is very happy on Cygnet's 12 Anniversary. All Cygnetians looks forward to see themselves celebrating more such successful years of providing quality and innovative IT solutions to people round the globe.

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