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    15 2015

    Cygnet Infotech is now a Samsung Partner

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    Cygnet Infotech on 2nd September, 2013 acquired partnership with Samsung under Samsung Enterprise    Alliance Program (SEAP).  

    SEAP is an affiliate program that provides technical, marketing and sales support to companies in developing enterprise mobile solutions. The program aims to improve the potentials of mobile business by extending support and expertise to partners for solution development as well as marketing and distribution activities.  

    Cygnet Infotech became   Silver Partner of Samsung   under the ISV (Independent Software Vendor) Program. With this, we now belong to the network that has access to the extended library of the Samsung Enterprise SDK for developing more secure and powerful solutions for Samsung mobiles. This partnership also enables our programmers and developers to utilize more than 300 functions of Samsung’s Android devices for developing high-end mobile solutions. Besides these, being a Silver Partner of Samsung, Cygnet gets following benefits:

    •  Access to UX Guide for mobile application development and design  
    •  Access to Technical Support Site for troubleshooting solutions development  
    •  Access to Samsung’s network that includes channel partners, customers and carriers for marketing and promoting solutions  
    •  Chance to participate in showcases and conferences hosted by Samsung  

    With these benefits, Samsung partnership positions us to cater to the demands of today's mobile market and optimize solutions for Samsung devices by integrating security, application, and hardware management thereby enhancing our overall IT enterprise solutions competence.    

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