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    15 2015

    Cygnet Renews HP AllianceONE Membership

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    Cygnet Infotech is proud to announce that it has renewed HP AllianceONE Partnership on 25th September, 2012. HP AllianceONE partnership It provides hardware/software vendors and systems integrators with the tools and resources they need to address client needs     more effectively.  

    Regaining HP AllianceONE membership, Cygnet will yet again get the privileges in the following areas:  

    •  Access to HP products and services which will help us in providing better testing, development and demonstration services to clients  
    •  Access to HP AllianceONE Toolkits, newsletters, webinars which will help us enhance our services offerings  
    •  Engage and collaborate with the AllianceONE’s online customer community which will help us promote our offerings and also share and find answers to common technical issues  
    •  Assistance in porting, migration, testing and optimization needs through secure test centers, HP’s technical experts and online customer community  
    •  Sharing of product road-maps will give us an opportunity to develop next-gen solutions for clients  
    •  Invitations to HP hosted Tech Forums and Industry Events will help us hear from visionaries and thought leaders   and get insights on future technologies  

    Besides the above benefits, HP AllianceONE Program will also help us accelerate time to application deployment and optimize our infrastructure capacity and IT resources all over again. Moreover, our customers will be also benefited by getting advanced solutions that are tested and verified end-to-end, with the support of HP AllianceONE program. 

    See our profile in HP AllianceONE Partner Program  

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