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Cygnet’s Test Automation Tool – TestingWhiz Gets Featured on SD Times Mobile Testing Tools Guide

TestingWhiz, Cygnet’s test automation tool gets featured on the latest issue of SD Times titled ‘Keeping a mobile tester’s head above water’.

The article discusses various mobile testing strategies and provides a comprehensive guide to leading mobile testing tools wherein TestingWhiz is featured along with several other tools such as BlazeMeter, Borland, SOASTA, HP and many more. In the article, TestingWhiz is featured as a next generation mobile testing solution that extends testing capabilities on different mobile platforms. The article further drills-down on TestingWhiz’s features and capabilities and describes its intelligent Web Recorder through which it supports test execution on various mobile and native browsers utilizing a Wi-Fi connection.

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With the inclusion of TestingWhiz in the SD Times, the entire team at Cygnet is very happy as it recognizes Cygnet’s ability to provide innovative testing solutions gathered by its 14 long years of experience in Enterprise QA and Software Testing branch.

About TestingWhiz:

TestingWhiz is a codeless test automation tool developed specifically for testing web and cloud applications. It is an easy, intuitive and affordable automation solution based on robust FAST® Automation Engine that requires no technical and programming skills for testing applications.

With an extremely intuitive interface and short learning curve, TestingWhiz promises to take your test automation to the next level.

TestingWhiz comes with two editions – Enterprise & Community. While Enterprise edition is purely designed to address the needs of large testing teams, the Community edition serves the needs of independent small testers.

For more information, visit: http://www.testing-whiz.com

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