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Cygnet Infotech Vision 2015 – Cygnet’s Leadership Charts out the Growth Path for 2015

 On 31 January, 2015, Cygnet Infotech organized a summit involving the entire Cygnet family at AMA, Ahmedabad. More than 450 Cygnetians attended the event, where the top management, tech leads and managers gave a crystal clear view of where Cygnet is, and where we plan to be by the end of the year.

While we looked behind our shoulders and celebrated past success and highlighting the achievements of 2014, the focus of the event was on how to skyrocket our growth using the solid foundation that we have built. While the event included dozens of startling insights from sales, marketing, software engineering department, and the HR, it was the key ideas from the top management that made us take a hard look at ourselves and gird our loins for a better Cygnet. Here’s a look at some of the core thoughts that made a huge impact on all the attendees:

1) Technology as an Enabler:

Over the years, Cygnet has grown: we are not just some efficient offshore coding destination. For many of our key projects, we started out as development partners, but now we offer QA & Testing, IT Support, and marketing services. Niraj Hutheesing, Managing Director Cygnet Infotech, said: "It is high time now that we start seeing ourselves as technocrats who use the right technology to solve real problems. Instead of focusing on expertise in specific technologies, we must view technology as a tool to build smart solutions for delivering high-performance solutions to our clients. That is what most of our clients are looking for and getting from us, and that is what we should focus on."    

While appreciating the role that our warm and fruitful relationships with clients have played in the growth of Cygnet (more than 60% of Cygnet’s new business comes through referrals by existing clients), Niraj Hutheesing also emphasized the importance of spreading the word on our Technology and Domain Expertise to join hands with new clients.

2) Restructuring for Sharper Solutions:

Over the last couple of years, Cygnet has moved up the value chain, and we are working on several complex, challenging and large projects. This has necessitated the setting up of larger teams, which often comprise members from several departments within the company. Niraj Hutheesing expanded and explained how the restructuring would work, how it would create new opportunities for talented individuals and how it would help hone processes. He also announced and shared his vision for a Centre of Excellence.

As a part of the reorganization process, we will set up a COE – Center of Excellence. This department, comprising the smartest tech and management talent, will identify the need for and organize technical training, evaluate current and upcoming tech trends, help set right strategy for Marketing & Sales, and generally elevate the capabilities and deliverables that Cygnetians offer.”


3) Product Focus:

While Cygnet had started as a company with focus on products and services, over the years, we grew more as an IT solutions provider. Over the last two years, the company has deliberately directed significant resources and though towards building innovate products. Tejinder Pal Singh Oberoi, Executive Director Cygnet Infotech, shared the details of one of Cygnet’s popular products – M1-Order – and expanded on our future plans for existing and new products:

“M1-Order helps consumers by offering unprecedented buying convenience, avoiding the need for complex search, and the assurance of knowing the buyer. At the same time, it helps the sellers by opening up an additional sales avenue, saving shelf space, by inserting direction actions on print media ads (through scannable QR codes), as well as reducing the cost-per-order.  ”

Cygnet Infotech Vision 05  

Apurva Ashar, Executive Director at Cygnet and a renowned veteran of the Gujarati publishing industry, told the story of e-Shabda and how the product was revolutionizing Indian literature: “E-Shabda has single-handedly digitized and created proper eBooks in Gujarati script and our services are helping the best Gujarati literature to reach the masses that are more comfortable reading digital books on mobile devices than printed books. We have succeeded in marrying literature with technology – it is no coincidence valuables book and documents penned by a national icon like Mahatma Gandhi and a popular PM like Narendra Modi are e-Shabda projects  .”

Nirav Sanghavi, a Project Manager and Product Lead at Cygnet, talked about how our test automation solution – TestingWhiz – grew, both in terms of number of users and number of features, during the last year. Jigar Shah, a Tech Lead at Cygnet, shared the story how we implemented a customized version of M1-Order to enable a large organization to digitize and streamline its entire field sales management process – in just 1.5 months for a project that all others had estimated would take at least 7 months.

4) Process Maturity:

Cygnet is CMMI Level 3 certified company, and we have set up a number of processes under the umbrella of QISMS. As the project complexities and customer expectations rise, we have invested heavily in creating and implementing clear processes for smoother operations and timely delivery. Various team leads from different departments shared how they have benefited by integrating QISMS processes with their projects. The leads also shared how they tweaked traditional Agile methodologies and scrum frameworks to suit the specific needs and challenges of particular projects.

5) Emerging Markets:

Bhoomi Mehta, Marketing Manager said that the world is finally becoming aware of Cygnet’s services and solutions: 

Yogesh Lokhande, Senior Manager, Business Development, shed light on how Cygnet grew during the year 2014: “During the last few years, we have moved up the value chain, and are tackling more complex projects. We are working with larger organizations, and we have several new onsite development projects. And while US and Europe continue to be our top markets, we have expanded our presence in Australia, South Africa and India  ."

Cygnet Infotech Vision 03

At the end of the meet, all the Cygnetians had a clearer vision of where Cygnet was, and where we want to be in a year. And, while the path is uphill, we feel confident as we have the right attitude, the right processes and the right tools to scale the summits of success!

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