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ePUB-Hub’s Successful Trip to Frankfurt Book Fair 2016

October 25, 2016: Cygnet Infotech concluded a successful trip to Frankfurt where the team participated as an exhibitor at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2016. It was an exhilarating experience where we met so many people from different publishing backgrounds. This book fair was the perfect platform for Cygnet Infotech to showcase its innovative digital publishing solution - ePUB-Hub - the objective of which, is to empower authors and publishers to go digital. The solution is about helping people and we could offer that only because we knew how important it was to listen to everyone we met.

The grand set up of the trade fair stole the show where it was like a playing arena and the prize to be won were making an acquaintance with all those quality professionals present there. Mr. Niraj Hutheesing, the Managing Director was also present there and he said “The highlight of this trip was the overwhelming response that we received. Compared to all my business trips, so far, my interaction with ePUB-Hub’s target audience at this trade fair was the most awe-inspiring. The participation in Frankfurt Book Fair provided me with the opportunity to interact and network with such driven authors and publishers and I was flabbergasted at the kind of response that our meetings generated. These tremendous reciprocations were the greatest reaffirmation of ePUB-Hub being that very IT solution developed with an aim to smoothly facilitate digital publishing for publishers. This has only made me and my team more confident of our offerings.

ePUB-Hub’s presence at the world’s largest Frankfurt Book Fair was all in all a successful event where our team showcased the expertise in digital publishing and how ePUB-Hub has developed a module that completely supports Inclusive Publishing.

India has come a long way in terms of Digital Publishing and through this platform we could ensure educating people about our services and developments. With this book fair, ePUB-Hub has taken a step closer in Cygnet Infotech’s endeavor to take India on a global foray.

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