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Cygnet’s e-Shabda to Provide DRM Solution to eBasta, CDAC

July 28, 2016 Ahmedabad, India: Ahmedabad Based e-Shabda to Provide an Armor of DRM Solution to eBasta, a Digital India Initiative Project by CDAC

Having its vision aligned with Government of India’s Digital India Initiative, e-Shabda is proud to announce that it is now officially a Digital Rights Management (DRM) providers to eBasta; a framework by CDAC (Centre for Development of Advanced Computing) to make school books accessible in digital format in the form of e-books so as to have the students read and use these books on tablets and laptops. This project shall ensure easy access to interactive and dynamic content.

We at e-Shabda are humbled and excited at the same time to be a part of eBasta as their DRM providers where we shall be working with publishers extensively to secure their digital content for a controlled distribution and targeted access to relevant audiences. Along with aiding the publishers and eBasta to facilitate easy and 24x7 access to learning material, this secured method to do so by integrating DRM into their system, the students shall understand the value of righteous sharing and copyright.

Digital Rights Management:

DRM for short, Digital Rights Management is a solution that regulates and controls the access to digital content files, successfully restricting copying, sharing and printing of digital content. Think of it as an integrated lock, the unique key to which is the only access! It is one of the most salient and also the most underused facet of technology

About e-Shabda:

A Cygnet Infotech venture, e-Shabda is an effort to bring the benefits of digital publishing to Indian language publishers and authors. While the global publishing industry is making the most of e-publishing, authors and publishers of regional languages do not have a set, stronger way of reaching out to the massive online audience of Indian readers. Through e-Shabda, we aim to:

  • Empower authors and publishers to reach a wider audience
  • Encourage the youth to read books and magazines in regional languages
  • Leverage the digital revolution to popularize regional languages books

To achieve these goals, we offer end-to-end e-publishing solutions: right from converting a book to the proper eBook format to distributing, marketing and securing it, we take care of all the stages in the cycle. To further these efforts, we have set up Indian-Ebooks.com, an open platform where all associated publishers can sell books, and from where any reader can purchase books.

By using the internationally accepted standard UNICODE fonts and creating eBooks in the standard formats, we ensure that readers can read Indian language books on most e-readers, mobile phones and tablets.

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