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Meditation Workshop at Cygnet

2012 08 10 103434It is Cygnet’s continuous endeavor to improve health & wellness of their employees as it leads to higher productivity, better performance & increases the Happiness Quotient (HQ). With the intent to bring in efficiency to personal & professional work, Cygnet organized a workshop on meditation on Friday the 10th of Aug, 2012.       

The workshop was conducted by eminent meditation teacher. It was planned to be conducted for all Cygnetians in small batches.           

Some of the benefits of doing regular meditation as pointed out by the meditation teacher are:           

Benefits of Meditation in Job

  • Enhances the ability to concentrate and focus on tasks  
  • Makes you feel more connected with who you really are  
  • Improves staff interactions  
  • Build direct and assertive communication  
  • Assists in proactive execution  
  • Aims for perfection  
  • Improves relationship with colleagues & customers  
  • Reduces stress  
  • You become more attentive, more focused and energized  
  • Creates a healthy work environment  
  • Increases productivity  
  • Reduce the need for medical care and health insurance claims    

Benefits of Meditation in Personal Life  

  • Improves physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health  
  • Reduces stress levels  
  • Increases energy levels  
  • Reduces exhaustion  
  • Increases immunity & tolerance  
  • Increases self confidence  
  • Helps maintaining equilibrium of mind  
  • Helps building positive attitude  
  • Builds intuition  
  • Helps in building character  

Our clients from Australia, Brent Lacey and Ashley Gale, also participated in the workshop. 

We encourage everyone to take part in such workshops and learn meditation for their personal as well as professional well-being.  


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