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15 Reasons for Celebrating Cygnet’s 15 Years of Success

Today, Cygnet has hit the big milestone of its journey by completing 15 years of success.

Yes, its 6th June today and today was the day when we began our journey into IT services and innovation 15 years ago. Of course, we have achieved a lot in these years, which surely gives us several reasons to celebrate and be excited about.

Of these, here are the top 15 reasons why we are so excited about celebrating the 15 years of success.

1. A Club of 250+ Clients

Over these years, we have served 250+ clients in 29 countries across 5 continents with our IT solutions and services. Our client includes leading enterprises such as Cloud Amber, Accelerated Analytics, Keeler, Qorus, Festive Ice and many more. But wait, this is not the end, we are still counting.

2. A Family of 500+ Folks

Our employee strength has grown at a steady pace crossing the count of 500+ as we have progressed and expanded each year. We have passionate and hardworking employees on board who are certified in various branches of technology.

3. Wings Expanded Across the Globe

In the last 15 years, we have expanded our wings for global operations by opening offices in USA, South Africa and Australia.

4. Hats of Different Partnerships & Certifications

Yes, we have also acquired CMMI and ISO certifications as well as partnerships with technology leaders like Microsoft, Oracle, Sitefinity, Sitecore, Samsung, NEOTYS, Borland and many more due to our unparalleled practices and implementations.

5. Industry Pat on the Back

Cygnet has been recognized several times by leading industry analysis and research firms such as Clutch with titles like ‘Top Java Development Companies in the World‘ and ‘Market Leader among the Top Software & Web Developers in India’.

We have also received a gold award as a “Highest Employment Generator” by GESIA help in March 2015.

6. Innovative Products on the Shelves

Cygnet has developed several innovative products like TestingWhiz, M1-Order, M1-Share, M1-FSM and e-Shabda that have been successfully serving businesses in bridging the voids towards growth and enhancing their key result areas with their unique functionalities.

7. 2000+ Projects Under the Belt

During the tenure of 15 years, we have accomplished several projects in different technologies like .NET, Java, Mobile, PHP, and when the number is as huge as 2000+, why wouldn’t we take pride and celebrate?

8. Unfolding Relationships

Over the years, Cygnet has maintained successful relationships with clients. We have several clients who have stayed with us for more than 5 years and who still continues to entrust Cygnet for their IT solution needs.

9. Made it through International Events

We have also made several international presence by participating in various business and industry events as well as conferences such as CeBIT, GITEX, ShareConference, GR8 Grails, StarWest and StarEast.

10. Local Facilities Ramp up

Cygnet has also expanded into bigger and better facilities over the years. From a 20x30 sq.feet room in its initial days, Cygnet now dwells across four different centers in Ahmedabad including one 5 storeyed building.

11. Survived the Dot-Com Bubble

It was hard to keep going, but yes, Cygnet has survived during tough times and successfully made it through dot-com bubble & IT recession.

12. An Innovation Cell

As a software and technology service provider, we have constantly upgraded ourselves and innovated new ways to help clients find the software solution that will take their business to the next level.

13. Keeping up with Talents

Our employees are one of the reasons for our success and thus we have demonstrated strong talent retention over these years. Yes, we have some of the highly talented employees who have extended their length of service in Cygnet for more than 10 years and are still continuing. Looking to be a part of Cygnet team? Check out our Careers section.

14. Dreams of Growth

After reaching the milestone of 15 years, we cannot stop dreaming about more growth and success. Of course, this is not the end and we are looking forward to the coming years with the same passion.

15. We don’t need a reason to celebrate

Lastly, we do not need any reason to celebrate. Cygnet is growing at a continuous pace with the same dedication and commitment and this is enough for us to raise the toast.

So, there is more to come and celebrate.

Stay tuned for more coverage on Cygnet’s 15th anniversary celebrations.

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