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    12 2018

    Session on Emerging Technologies at Cygnet Infotech

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    Session on Emerging Technologies at Cygnet Infotech

    Unequivocally, Digital Revolution is here to enrich lives; cascading every industry vertical, bringing about digital transformations and redefining customer expectations. We are now entering an extraordinary time in technology- with the measure of innovations continuing to accelerate with each passing year. Enhancements and advancements in technologies will continue to transform the way we live, work and interact.

    Ensuring Cygnet’s commitments towards its vision: To Passionately Empower Lives Globally with Technology-Enabled Business Solutions” and with a vivid theme, “Empowering People with Emerging Technologies”, Cygnet Infotech organized a thrilling practical session to empower its organization-wide employees. They enthusiastically showcased their footprints on emerging technologies like:

    (1) Blockchain Technology (BCT)

    (2) Internet of Things (IoT)

    (3) Artificial Intelligence (AI)

    (4) Augmented Reality(AR) & Virtual Reality (VR) 

    Cygnet Team members

    The session was driven by technology experts from Cygnet Infotech who have been an active part of few remarkable emerging technology projects. From breath taking possibilities in design visualization where VR is creating entirely digital worlds, AR is virtually enhancing reality with the digital content, AI is setting higher bars for future interaction and IoT is converging the digital world with the physical world where everything is connected; live demonstration for each of these technologies were show-cased, leaving the spectators with an enduring experience.

    Cygnet believes, technology is FOR the people in this age of intelligent enterprises. Through this event, they left no stone unturned to empower and enable their employees to stand tall in this Digital Transformation.

    Stay tuned to learn more about such astounding events happening at Cygnet Infotech!

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