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    15 2015

    TestingWhiz Version 3.0 Released

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    We are delighted to announce the release of TestingWhiz Version 3.0 available from 29th April, 2013. TestingWhiz is a codeless test automation tool developed by our test automation division. The new version of TestingWhiz   reflects enhancements and improvements in the existing features and functions signifying a major step forward in making TestingWhiz a more powerful, scalable and reliable test automation tool for web and cloud app automation.  

    TestingWhiz Version 3.0 is available in PRO and Enterprise edition. The PRO edition is for single users and is available at $99 per year.  

    Testingwhiz Enterprise Testingwhiz PRO

    Features of TestingWhiz PRO  

    •  FAST® Automation Engine that helps automate test cases with 5 recording techniques across multiple browsers  
    •  Object Recorder to record and store web-objects along with an ability to use 90+ readily available test commands    
    •  Integration with Excel and leading bug tracking tools like Mantis and Fogbugz  
    •  Inbuilt Scheduler to schedule tests at pre-defined intervals  
    •  Multiple languages support to help customize the UI, scripts and reports in the language of tester’s choice  
    •  Visual Logs for capturing screenshots while executing test cases  

    The Enterprise edition will be available at $899 per year which is best suited for large and distributed teams. It contains all the features of PRO edition over and above the below features  

    Features of TestingWhiz Enterprise    

    •  Integration with HP Quality Center to help manage test cases, results and existing QC process for any tests in a single suite  
    •  Database Testing with connectors like Oracle, MSSQL, My SQL, etc. along with a facility to fetch database to placeholder and export the same to Excel or CSV  
    •  WhizGrid to facilitate executing test cases on a multiple nodes from a single centralized server  
    •  Visual  Presentation for presenting test cases as flowcharts  
    •  Integration with Atlassian JIRA allows accessing test cases and reporting directly in JIRA interface  

    Besides the above features, Version 3 features a better UI and an improved test editor with drag and drop facility.  

    We will be presenting the demo of the new version at StarEast 2013. Catch us at Booth #28 at Rosen Shingle Creek, Orlando, Florida, USA on 1 & 2 May, 2013  

    Get a free trial    

    To learn more about TestingWhiz 3.0, visit 

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