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The Economic Times features TestingWhiz as an Innovative Product from Indian IT Industry

We are pleased to share the fact TestingWhiz has been featured by Economic Times in an article on innovative products from Indian IT Industry. At Cygnet, ‘innovation’ is more than just a buzz word, and we have a growing suite of ground-breaking IT products.

TestingWhiz is one of Cygnet Infotech’s cherished products fulfilling the test automation needs of testers around the world. We thank all our users and clients for reposing their faith in TestingWhiz and choosing it for their projects. The upward graph of TestingWhiz’s progress and its increasing popularity among companies and developers highlights Cygnet’s ability to deliver efficient and cost-effective solutions to global enterprises.

The TestingWhiz team feels honored, and we are committed to bring even better features and functionalities with the upcoming releases of the test automation tool.

About TestingWhiz

TestingWhiz is a codeless test automation tool developed specifically for testing web and cloud applications. It is an easy, intuitive and affordable automation solution based on robust FAST® Automation Engine that requires no technical and programming skills for testing applications.

With an extremely intuitive interface and short learning curve, TestingWhiz promises to take your test automation to the next level. TestingWhiz comes with two editions – Enterprise & Community. While Enterprise edition is purely designed to address the needs of large testing teams, the Community edition serves the needs of independent small testers.

Learn More about TestingWhiz at http://www.testing-whiz.com

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