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Yugma 2016 - Celebrating 16 Years of Success

WOW is such an underrated expression when it comes to “YUGMA 2016”. A Pot-Broiler of dance, drama, music and more… Cygnet Group’s 16th Annual Day turned the hot summer evening into a starry and spectacular one.  Fondly attended by 700 Cygnetians and their family members, the starry evening witnessed a plethora of energetic performances, unending laughter, recognition of top performers and much more."Yugma" personifies confluence, the coming together of families, a gathering which evokes a sense of anticipation and excitement.

Celebration, Inspiration and Memories

Yugma 2

“Coming Together is a Beginning, Keeping together is progress, Working together is Success”

Apart from inspiring lives, Cygnet believes in promoting a healthy work life balance by establishing a strong bond between organization and its employees and what better than Yugma. Far away from the boardroom meetings, endless calls and tons of mails, our engineers delved into a new self with enigmatic drama, honed their singing skills and danced the night away. Yugma 2016 was meant to be an interactive hub for the employees and their families to come together and share a fun filled evening the organization. Yugma, witnessed it all, right from  red-carpet entrance to quirky-prop photo booth, awards and recognition, live performances, lip-smacking food to dancing away to upbeat tracks of the DJ.

Yugma 4

Niraj Hutheesing, Founder and Director, Cygnet Infotech, said: “The energy, the ambience, the participants and performance,this shows the true Cygnetian spirit. A special heartfelt thank you to all Cygnetians to have gone through the numerous practice drills. Yugma immensely inspires us to put our best foot forward and keep the show going.”  He proudly shared the news of inauguration of Pune Office, Cygnet’s new product-lines HRInnova and ePubHub.

The event was inaugurated by lighting of lamp and sand later all the kids  were invited on the stage to cut the cake marking Cygnet’s 16th Birthday…“Happy Birthday to Cygnet” echoed all around YMCA and kids sure enjoyed the cake.

Entertainment, Entertainment and more Entertainment

The anchors for the evening pulled off one heck of a show for the audience with their impromptu, witty and at time satirical comments. Some of their gigs were pretty hilarious and the audience choked in laughter.  

Later on in the show, Cygnet recognized & awarded its Value Champions, Stars of the Year, Employee of the Year, Best Team of the Year, Best Project and Best Project Manager of the Year! A huge congratulation to all the winners.

Yugma 3

The audience cracked up when the set of Naa-Real Awards came along, which was a set of comic awards handed out by the anchors. From contemporary, hip-hop, comic to cultural dance performances, the participants sure set the stage on fire. Retro melodies struck the right-chords and took everyone on a melodious and romantic ride of the 60s & the 70S.

There is no denying that the “Intolerance” drama added a new level of excitement this year. From focusing on children education to border fights to having politicians and sage on stage, Yugma 2016 witnessed it all.

The show concluded with the Comedy Dance gig which left the audience in splits. The excitement did not end there, families and friends culminated for a grand dinner and burned some calories on the dance floor.

Thank you everyone for keeping the show lively with the conversations, chit chats and laughter.

 “The best things about Memories is…. making them”, Yugma, we will fondly await you in 2017!

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