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ZEST – Engage. Synergize. Transform

“Tell me, and I’ll forget.

Show me and I may remember.

Involve me, and I’ll understand.”

~Chinese Proverb

ZEST – The Corporate Training Program by Cygnet Infotech, aims to engage, synergize and transform an individual through visual, verbal and professional readiness. Transition – is a state of metamorphosis, a process of change from one state to another and we aim to replicate the same for a fresh batch of 50 bright and talented trainees inducted from various reputed Engineering Colleges across Gujarat.

Every new comer is full of enthusiasm, vigor and vibrance along-with anticipation, curiosity and trepidation on what to expect from the corporate world. Moving out of the college benches to the corporate corridors, new joinees have an exciting journey ahead of them.

Cygnet Infotech – ZEST, aims to create a friendly learning atmosphere which nurtures and propels each individual to perform at par with the industry standards. We have roped-in the best industry professionals to train, guide and empower the trainees. Nurturing excellence and invoking hidden potential, ZEST is designed strategically two months hands-on training program, which is a combination of technical skills like database training, conceptual coding, industry best practices, software engineering in-depth etc…along-with vital grooming assistance with soft skills like time management & project planning, communications, workplace impact and so on.


Aligning each joinee with the vision of Cygnet Infotech, ZEST offers them a platform to learn from the masters themselves! Kick-start sessions with the Founder Director, corporate world walk through by top management, talks from technocrats, subject matter experts and best industry professionals with an exhaustive plethora of knowledge. The following four months of training requires them to meet the internal assessment standards, work closely with mentors, share concerns and queries, concept-to-code-test-deliver their project within dedicated timeline. 

What ZEST offers

ZEST is the zenith of excellence. An Effective, Engaging, Synergetic and Transformational architecture to achieve best results, we believe in preparing leaders of tomorrow and attune them with best industry practices.

Apart from best-in-class technical and non-technical training sessions, we offer them a paid internship which boosts their confidence and allows them to project an upward trajectory.

Closely scripted and designed in lines with industry trends, we wish to fill-in the technology world with zeal. Cygnet Infotech offers ZEST as a refresher and development training platforms for every Cygnetian, experienced professional, mid to senior level executives and newbies … More on these in upcoming articles.

Meanwhile… you are a seasoned professional, industry expert, thought provoking manager, enthusiastic newbie - looking forward to work with Cygnet Infotech? Drop us a line at hrd@cygnet-infotech.com

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