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Your Content. Your IP. Your Control. Your Profits

  • We Innovate: Technologically aided solutions for Digital Publishing

    Mission: To empower independent authors and small scale to enterprise level publishers reach a wider audience through a digital platform.

    Making the most of upcoming technologies to create eBooks that are:

    • Accessible
    • Future-proof
    • Dynamic digital content

    Different entities have diverse publishing requirements.

    We cater to various cohorts like:

    • Independent authors
    • Small scale to enterprise publishers
    • Educational institutions
    • Libraries

    Created and nurtured by a team of handful experts.

    Proficient in software development and publishing.

    The digital publishing solution is offered as a packaged solution that includes 3 stand-alone solutions:

    eCommerce Web Book Store Portal:

    An independent web application that is created as a customizable white-label application that:

    • With a dynamic backend
    • Allows the owner to upload their books and eBooks for sale
    • Requires no IT Support
    • Gives them a complete control of the IP
    • Freedom to execute every offer, sale and promotion
    • Allows easy and real time display of products

    Every sale made is every penny earned by them.

    1. eReader Mobile Application:

    A customizable, white-label eReader mobile app that gathers all the content owners’ work in one place for their readers.

    • Holds eBooks for the clients’ readers
    • Enables them to access these eBooks on the go
    • Is made available on app store and play store
    • Gives complete ownership of management of this application to the owner
    • Enables content management on fingertips
    • Supports all European Languages, Arabic and Semitic Languages
    • Supports all Indian languages too

    ePUB-Hub’s eReader mobile application serves as one of the most user-friendly e-reader for our clients’ customers.

    Digital Rights Management Solution:

    As the name suggests, this solution provides digital security to your content on the internet.

    • Plays a great role in the fight against piracy
    • Protects theft of IP
    • Avoids illegal download of content
    • Secures revenue stream of content owners

    There are two DRM Solutions that offered; one that is powered by Adobe and the other that has been developed by us in house that are ready to deploy.

    Design and Conversion services: 

    These services are offered to enable content owenrs, authors and publishers looking for means to convert their PDF files of manuscripts to eBooks (in UNICODE) and also wish to design the same.

    Don’t miss on the cutting edge technology innovation, explore all ePUB-Hub offerings.

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