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  • TestingWhiz is a Codeless Automated Testing Tool for Web, Mobile, Database, Cloud, Desktop Apps & Web Services testing.

    It is based on a FAST (Flexible Automation Scripting Technology) Automation Engine that offers an easy and intuitive test automation solution.

    Testing Whiz

    TestingWhiz helps SMEs and large software enterprises as well as individual test engineers and QA analysts to experience effortless and effective test automation of web, mobile, databases, API and desktop applications. 


    Web Test Automation

    TestingWhiz provides web test automation solution to help you validate UI & front-end of web applications and confirm its functioning across different browsers, platforms, and devices.

    Mobile Test Automation

    TestingWhiz offers mobile test automation solution to help you verify functioning of native, hybrid and mobile web apps for Android and iOS devices and simulators.

    Database Test Automation

    TestingWhiz offers database test automation solution to check the health of the database and ensure better integrity with application with support for different database connectors.

    API Test Automation

    TestingWhiz also provides API test automation solution with support for REST & SOAP API to help you test whether your application communicates and responds correctly to perform a workflow.

    Regression Test Automation

    TestingWhiz provides regression test automation solution for web, mobile, database, and web services in continuous integration cycles with modular regression architecture for higher ROI.

    Cross-browser Test Automation

    TestingWhiz offers cross-browser test automation to test your application across multiple browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge & Safari via support for Sauce Labs & BrowserStack.

    Data-driven Test Automation

    TestingWhiz comes with data-driven test automation solution to help you test and validate your application’s functioning against different data sets and values stored in excel, CSV or XML format.

    Big Data Test Automation

    TestingWhiz also offers big data test automation solution to help you verify volume, variety and velocity of structured and unstructured data sets to ensure error-free processes and analytics.


    • 290+ Commands
    • Record & Playback
    • Visual Recorder
    • Continuous Server Integration
    • Data Cleansing & Comparison
    • Dynamic Test Data Support
    • Risk-based Testing
    • Integration with Bug Tracking tools
    • Integration with Test Management Tools
    • Multiple Browsers Support
    • Internationalization
    • Conditional Execution
    • Flexible Automation Scripting
    • Job Scheduler
    • Image Comparison
    • Captcha Automation
    • Distributed Grid Execution
    • Robust Reporting

    Explore how to move to the next level of hassle free test automation of web, mobile and cloud applications. Visit Testing Whiz

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