DevOps Engineering Solutions’ Benefits

Cygnet Infotech is an established software development company with capabilities ranging from design thinking, prototyping and development to automated testing, devops engineering and implementation.


times more frequent code deployments


times faster lead time from commit to deploy


times faster mean time to recover from downtime


times lower change failure rate (changes are 1\5 as likely to fail)


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Cygnet’s DevOps Solutions

DevOps powers businesses to evolve faster with rapid development and deployment cycles. Cygnet utilizes the principles of DevOps by bringing IT operations team and technologists together collaborating through automated processes and tools to engineer efficient, secure and high-performing software products.

icon background icon background DevOps Consulting
DevOps Consulting
  • Assessment and strategy
  • Business infra analysis
  • Application lifecycle management
icon background icon background Continuous Integration
Continuous Integration
  • Automated integration
  • Verified artifacts for deployment
  • High quality builds and reports
icon background icon background Continuous deployment
Continuous Deployment
  • Rapid deployment into production
  • Continuous testing and monitoring
  • Deployment metrics
icon background icon background Cloud Management
Cloud Management
  • Automated provisioning
  • High-velocity development, deployment and QA
  • Monitoring and backup
icon background icon background SOA Architecture
SOA Architecture
  • Silo-based operation to service-based
  • Reusable software components
  • Reduced time and costs of solution development
icon background icon background Lifecycle Management
Lifecycle Management
  • Dynamic software development
  • Faster feedback loops
  • Rapid throughput
icon background icon background Efficient Development
Efficient Development
  • Reduced dependency delays with GitFlow
  • Continuous release of new features
icon background icon background Enhanced Deployment
Enhanced Deployment
  • Automated deployment process
  • Minimized time, cost & effort
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Why Cygnet?

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Offering impactful solutions since 2000

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Experience delivery across 6 continents

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Certified engineers working for over 750+ clients

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Successfully engineered 2000+ enterprise class products

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1000+ technology enthusiasts working with global brands

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Unparalleled 95% client retention rate


Success Stories

70% Improvement in product delivery with DevOps

Cygnet implemented end-to-end DevOps for a client to eliminate complexities that occurred while scaling up the IT infrastructure. We enabled a productive team culture and offered higher system availability.

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