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Spring + Behavior Driven Development = Boon for Business

As a business owner, when you try to gather food for your thoughts, much of your intellect gets invested in analyzing application concerns such as portability, agility and testing. To uproot these concerns, Spring coupled with Behavior Driven Development technique has been introduced.

The agility of BDD and the modular design of Spring encourages collaboration among the project stakeholders and prompts development of applications that matter to your business.

From initial conceptualization and development to testing and delivery of fascinating user experience, BDD is a concrete technique for developing enterprise apps using Spring framework.

Webinar Contents: 

  • What is Behavior-Driven Development
  • Test Driven Development v/s Behavior-Driven Development
  • Need for Behavior-Driven Development
  • Behavior-Driven Development Annotations
  • Demo
  • Q&A

The Webinar was conducted by Nirav Sanghvi and Neel Makadiya to enrich users and enthusiast on how Spring + Behavior Driven Technique can work wonders for your business.

Does JBehave supports DI?

Yes, JBehave supports Spring DI.

 Is JBehave test framework agnostic?


 Can JBehave integrates with Selenium?

Yes, automation of stories for web apps using Selenium can be done easily. Besides that JBehave Queue allows generic stories to run asynchromously and Web runner allows generic stories to run synchronously

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