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Cygnet implemented globalization testing to help a client test an electronic chip testing software across different environments before its planned launch. In contrast to nine months’ timeline, Cygnet completed the testing in just three months. accelerating their go-to-market which helped the client confidently launch the software in the non-English speaking markets.

Project Details

Customer Size: Large 
Country: USA
Domain: Electronics & Semiconductor 
Methodology: Agile & Scrum
Solution: Globalization Testing

Client Profile

A USA-based company engaged in manufacturing semiconductor and integrated circuit solutions for defense & security, aerospace, medicine, energy and communication industries since 2011.

Business Scenario

A semiconductor solutions providing company, to expand its business in the non-English speaking markets wanted to test and verify functioning of an electronic chip testing software, the launching of which was already planned.

Due to continuous rounds of feature developments in quick agile cycles, the company faced time crunches to test the software in-house. Hence, they hired Cygnet’ globalization testing services to test of the software across operating systems of different configurations providing 9 months’ timeline.

The basic requirements to be addressed were to:
  • Conduct simulation of 37 uses cases without changing the operations logic and software installation instruction.
  • Complete the entire testing cycle – right from testing the installation procedure to verifying the functional aspects before the planned release.
  • Test the software across operating systems of different configurations and languages. For e.g. - WinXP 64-bit Japanese, Win 7 64-bit Chinese Simplified, WinXP 32-bit Swedish, Win 8.1 64-bit French.

Cygnet’s Solution

After analyzing and understanding the basic functioning and installation process of the software, Cygnet team initiated the testing taking the following key steps and completed the simulation of 37 use cases in 3 months i.e. 1/3 timeline.

  • Procured operating systems of different configurations and languages in just one week to test the working of the software across multiple environments
  • Created a dedicated test lab and set up a test infrastructure to test the software for GUI Installation, Driver Installation and GUI software
  • Conducted both offline and online testing as per the test plan, schedule and scenarios created


Cygnet’s Software Testing Services Benefits

  • Reduced infrastructure costs with a ready-made testing environment
  • Delivered shortest turn-around time
  • Domain knowledge and globalization testing expertise helped enter international markets successfully

Benefits of Globalization Testing

  • Quick verification across different locale, configurations and language settings
  • Better performance predictability and prevention from errors

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