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Cygnet Infotech automated Account Sign-up process of a portal for a USA-based client helping them save time on manual efforts and provide 24 x 7 support to customers.

Project Details

Country: USA
Domain: Telecommunication
Solution: Grails, Web Services, Spring, Hibernate & Maven

Client Profile

Publicly traded technology company that provides Internet services through two divisions: Business Cloud Services and Digital Media. The business Cloud services segment offers cloud based services to small to medium size businesses and enterprise as well. The Business Cloud Services segment offers Internet fax, virtual phone, hosted email, email marketing, online backup, unified communications and CRM solutions. The Digital Media division delivers various content through its digital properties. The Digital Media segment offers news and reviews of technology products on its web properties.

Business Scenario

The client's existing product sign-up process via bank payment transfer system was a manual process where Customer Service Representatives manually created entries when they received calls from customers. This created problems for the client:

  • The process was time-consuming and gradually declined the number of new sign ups
  • The cost of managing staff was huge

Cygnet’s Solution

The client identified a need to automate the above process for Bank Transfer payment mode. Cygnet devised an automated solution based on Java using Grails. In order to deliver the solution within timelines, our developers divided the process in two phases:

Phase 1

In the first phase, the priority was to filter out the fraudulent sign up requests and respond to only authenticated requests. The reason behind this was to limit the requests landing at CSRs and save the overall time. We took following measures to develop the solution in the first phase

  • Instead of utilizing the fraud management tool, we created database trigger that detected sign up requests and approved them on following grounds

      o   East-Asian Customer

      o   Payment mode selected - Bank Transfer

      o   Authenticated customer and bank account

  • Developed a solution where approved sign up requests were stored for review and CSR then manually created account of the customers. This solution was created by making various changes in database procedures/functions without impacting the overall functioning of the system and other modules dependent on these procedures

Phase 2

After completing the first phase of the project within the given time-frame, we moved to the second phase. In the second phase of the project our aim was to automate every part of the sign up process and remove the CSR intervention completely. For this, we followed the below mentioned steps

  • Removed triggers created in phase one
  • Made root level changes in the code to detect country and mode of payment and process requests with combination - 'East Asian country', 'Bank Transfer'
  • Introduced third party tool in the Bank Transfer process to automatically authenticate the customer and bank account
  • Implemented Java code to read the queue of requested sign ups and redirect the requests to the sign-up funnel
  • Modified the sign-up funnel to complete the sign-up process smoothly

To deliver the above solution, our Java development team faced a lot of challenges. However, by utilizing years of expertise in Java technologies, especially Grails, we were able to fulfill the given task and completed bank transfer automation project in just 6 months.


The given solution relieved the client as well as customers from the troubles of manual sign up process and bestowed following benefits:

  • Easier and quicker processing of sign-ups
  • Saved the client from losing important customers from the East-Asia region
  • Eliminated the need of CSRs and ultimately reduced the cost of hiring and managing the workforce
  • Helped in serving East-Asian customers 24x7 who selected bank transfer payment mode

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