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Project Details

Customer Size: Mid-size organization
Country: US
Domain: Marketing Agency
Technology: Python, Mustache, Jinja, Angular, XML, HTML, CSS, Angular, JavaScript (Require, jQuery, Backbone), Bootstrap, GIT

Client Profile

Our client ventures into offering smart and stimulating digital and marketing assistance. With more than 50 billion impressions and about $750 million, their passion for product marketing and the ability to optimize and propose new ideas has given them a strong list of fortune 500 clienteles. They are into offering services like content creation, content optimization, re-targeting, customer acquisition, multi-media approach and many such marketing activities.

Business Scenario

Involved into digital product marketing arena, our client dealt with clienteles from various industries and their current requirement focused upon an urgent need to cater to music industry giant. They sought an end-to-end backend development partner who could develop a website that featured latest news, trends and upcoming in pop-music and served its fans with a vibrant, 24/7 mix of news, reviews, music premiers, interviews and original video content. A website that is laser-focused on never-boring but creative personal lives of its generation’s most compelling entertainers was their major goal.

Following functionalities were the key requirements:

  • Secure, Centralized and Scalable Environment
  • Improved Users’ Experience with Most Recent Gossips
  • Engaging, Feature Rich and Simplified UI
  • Allow Multiple Media Formats

Cygnet's Solution

Cygnet offered a responsive Blogging and News website that was functional across any device. Profile creation was a mandatory practice for the users to post the news or the articles and be notified whenever trending news article or video is posted on the website. The Admin created and managed two different types of users. Admin and Content Writer.

Push notification option was provided which could keep readers abreast with the latest news in the form of news articles or videos and keep the users notified about the trending stories or events as they happen. The article of the favorite popstar could be taken from the website across any of the social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram.

Using the DFP Tags Generator, the platform was easily customized and generated ad tags without having to manually edit the code. Having used Accelerated Mobile Pages an initiative was taken to improve the performance of the ads and the web content across any device. The content of the third-party website was displayed on the client’s website through widget. The client could earn from such sponsored content.

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