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A large US-based faxing solutions provider wanted to slash hefty licensing fees and modernize its sales website. Cygnet rewrote the whole website and built modern functionality by migrating to an open source J2EE solution using Grails.

Project Details

Country: USA
Domain: Telecommunication
Solution: Java, J2EE, Grails

Client Profile

A leading communication and internet service provider, headquartered in USA with global presence in 49 countries across six continents. The company mainly operates in two divisions – Business Cloud Services and Digital Media which offer an array of unified-messaging and communications services, including faxing and voicemail solutions, web-initiated conference calling, storage messaging services, online backup, and virtual office solutions.

Business Scenario

Our client’s sales website was built on a CMS that contained legacy components, which incurred huge licensing costs and other maintenance expenses due to legacy nature. Cygnet’s task was to find a way to shift the website to an open source, J2EE & Grails solution, plus modernize the website with enhanced functionality. Working with the client, we identified the other key expectations from the revamped website:

  • Improvement in the signup ratio of new users
  • Ease of maintenance with support for a template-based approach
  • Ability to deploy over various environments like staging, test and production
  • Role-specific access control for admins to edit, publish content and templates
  • Direct integration with third-party applications like Google Analytics and SalesForce

Cygnet’s Solution

Cygnet developed a solution based on J2EE and MVC architecture, using Grails technology to modernize and re-write the client's website. To achieve the expected results we:

  • Developed an open source application based on Java, while removing all legacy components from CMS and DMS
  • Designed UX-rich sales funnels to improve conversion rates
  • Built functionality to allow reusing components like templates, and exclusively developed custom tag libraries
  • Integrated with SalesForce to centralize the data seized from various sales funnels for CRM activities at presales level
  • Met client’s rigorous performance criteria by making needful tweaks on code layer and on application front end server layer.
  • Created possibility for future enhancements and expansion; e.g. integration with RESTful web services or expansion of pages
  • Created internationally applicable sites to deploy with multiple languages as per the needs


  • CMS licensing costs cut down to zero
  • Easier maintenance and high level of reusability of components
  • Lesser time and resources required to manage and publish content

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