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Project Details

Customer Size: Large Organization
Country: India
Domain: Information Technology
Technology: Microsoft.Net, C#, Web API 
Development Framework: Microsoft.Net Framework 4.6.2
Application Design Structure: SaaS Based (Multi-tenant architecture) design structure
Database: Microsoft SQL Server 2016
Browser Compatibility: Latest Firefox, Chrome, IE, Edge, Mac Safari
Development Environment: 
Windows 8 or 10
IDE: Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 or 2017

Client Profile

Our client is an Indian financial giant that provides individuals and investors with diverse range of financial services like Life Insurance, Commodity, Mutual Funds, Prime, Securities, General Insurance, Banking, Investment through its various group of companies. Founded around 30 years ago, the company has grown to be the country’s most trusted financial institutions.

Business Scenario

With the introduction of the Goods and Service Tax (GST) and constantly varying tax scenario, our client was faced with ardent challenges in filing monthly tax returns. Amongst multiple other reasons for, one major reason that our client was facing was the infrastructure failure and the technical flaws that the website faced while uploading the invoices. In addition to this, the client being a financial giant had to cater the solution to its 9 other functional bodies where transactions worth millions occur each day.  Hence, they raised the requirement of a GST solution for their organizations which ensured easy and secure transition to the newly introduced GST tax. 

Cygnet's Solution

Cygnet offered an end-to-end GST compliant solution and empowered the banking giant. After understanding the complicated existing business operations and keeping the security factor in mind, Cygnet’s team came up with a comprehensive business solution within a short span of 6 days and integrated the software with all 9 functional bodies where deploying a new software in highly secured infrastructure of the bank posed as a major challenge for the team. Download the free PDF, to know more.

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