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Developed a customized CMS in .Net for a tax consulting company to administer the user queries and automated responses by collecting the information and storing them in a centralized database. The CMS also manages the content pages, templates and SEO details which assists in enhancing the overall performance of the portal in an optimum way.

Project Details

Customer Size: Mid-size
Country: USA
Solution: Asp.Net 2.0, Third party apis - Amazon & Sendgrid

Client Profile

The client is a USA based tax consulting company and has a large base of clients looking for solution to their queries online.

Business Scenario

A client (leading tax consulting company based in USA) approached Cygnet to enhance the overall operation of its tax consulting portal - content, user queries, etc. The basic requirement was to streamline the queries registration and response generation process so that the back-end support staff could focus on major tax related issues of their customers.

Cygnet’s Solution

Since the requirement of the client constituted many small aspects, Cygnet developed a customized CMS from scratch on Asp.Net platform. Our team integrated several features into the CMS to streamline the complete flow right from user registration to query resolution that helped in improving the overall working of the client's tax consulting portal without degrading the performance and traffic of the website.

  • Developed question banks mapping different keywords in the system to generate automatic suggestions based on keywords to solve customer's queries right on the consultation page
  • Another functionality added in the system is to create new case of the questions posted by customers who did not receive satisfactory solutions from the automated suggestions. Thus, these questions are treated as new cases and are stored in the question banks based on the keywords included
  • Added a feature in CMS to assign particular support staff to particular user/case Id. The objective behind this is to help tax consultant to instantly identify and address the user-queries based on names and Ids generated
  • Synced client's in-house taxation application with the CMS to integrate lakhs of existing customer's database with the CMS developed. This helps in locating the registered user from the database and resolving queries quickly
  • Developed email parsing facility to parse the email of customers to support staff according to case Ids or subject for new cases registered (questions not resolved by automated suggestions)
  • As a part of the complete administration of the site, Cygnet added several tabs in the CMS for

    Admin panel which comprise following:

    Media - to manage images, documents and forms displayed on the portal

    Search - to identify and manage links displayed for items searched by users

    Support - to display how many times a particular keyword was utilized, how many queries escalated, how many new questions asked, etc

    Reports -to generate reports related to links, redirected links, internal pages, auto reply count, etc

    • Besides this, our team integrated Tracking Code Management feature to put tracking codes on different pages and analyze the traffic of the respective page accordingly
    • Import Email feature developed to help support staff receive the emails of questions assigned to them as per respective support Id
    • Configured separate SMTP for each email auto reply to parse every email to right sender and receiver
    • Created various fields in the CMS to manage content, pages and SEO related details of the portal
    • Integrated template assignment feature to assign different templates to different pages


The benefits accruing to the client from Cygnet's CMS solution includes:

  • Better management of website content and pages
  • Quicker resolution of user queries
  • Comprehensive reports available for every aspect of the portal
  • Focus on complex issues and queries since the simple user queries gets resolved right at the contact gateway through auto suggestions generated based on keywords
  • Direct mapping of customer details to the database helps discard customer registration process and thereby saves time
  • Inbuilt security feature restricts unauthorized user access for editing and making changes in the CMS

    By providing the above CMS solution, Cygnet has reciprocated client's requirement accurately and thus has collected client's huge appreciation.

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