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Project Details

Customer Size: Large organization
Country: US
Domain: Retail
Technology: Autotask, FileZilla, TestingWhiz, Basecamp 

Client Profile

US based Independent Software Vendor (ISV) providing technology solutions for the retail industry to monetize their POS data. They kicked off their business with data warehouse consultancy services for their retail clients eventually moving towards advanced data analytics solution for different domains of Retail industry such as Beauty and Cosmetics, Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG), DIY-Home-Hardware, Apparels and Fashion etc.

Business Scenario

Client has a comprehensive cloud based analytics tool to collect EDI 852, POS and supply chain data. The data is then analyzed to provide insightful Business Intelligence (BI) reports that enables retail organizations to respond faster, optimize assortments, increase sales and provide best practices in merchandising.

Every new retail client flooded the data warehouse with millions of data files from various sources. Due to the overwhelming inflow of data, daily testing and validation of data transferred on the server became a big challenge. The lack of data accuracy and data completeness directly affected the ETL process and tampered the predictions made by the BI reports. Also, to provide dedicated support to new clients and entertaining their requests for a successful onboarding became a giant elephant in the room. To save their waning reputation, client needed a partner who can render expert Quality Assurance (QA) resources to execute periodic testing needs and acknowledge support requests to enable smooth transition and provide optimal satisfaction to their retail clients.

In such critical situation, they approached Cygnet to hire expert Quality Assurance (QA) resources who can:

  • Carryout rigorous testing of data transferred from source to target environment and run one-to-one comparison of reports on daily basis
  • Carryout regression testing at the time of updates and version releases
  • Provide support services to their retail clients and ensure successful onboarding
  • Plan, strategize and implement best-suitable testing solution to increase the efficiency of the solution

Cygnet’s Solution

Highly-qualified team of QA planned and strategized various testing and reporting requirements to meet the client’s requirements. We also analyzed the scope of work and made a list of more than 200 test cases with automation possibility to provide end-to-end testing services.

Based on the analysis, following are the testing services rendered to the client for an accurate and effective BI solution:

Data Completeness to ensure data of each retail client from the source is properly loaded to the target server

Data Validation to ensure the figures on the BI reports match with the figures of the data loaded

Regression Testing to ensure the functionalities of the solution are intact and operational every time a new piece of code is deployed to the solution

Testing Automation to analyze the solution and suggest alternate testing solutions to move to Testing Automation that lead to 90% accuracy in Regression testing and significant reduction in cost

Support Services to ensure seamless transition of the client on the solution by managing various support activities

To discern the testing methods that were applied along with the testing activities and technologies that made the solution error-free, Download the PDF:

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