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Project Details

Country: India
Domain: Finance

Client Profile

The client is a leading financial services provider established in the year 1995. The client company pioneered the launch of 5paisa trading platform liberating the industry from the traditional ways of doing transactions. Since its inception, the client company has been innovating and challenging the conventional financial services. Over the years, the company diversified into different segments and is now grown as a comprehensive diversified financial services group.

Business Challenges

Considering the huge customer base and enormous data generated involving a wide range of data systems, the client company confronted numerous business challenges.

  • Huge quantity of unregistered transactions captured in multiple source systems for the same return period.
  • Unavailability of a centralized source system
  • Multiple data sources from multiple entities
  • Reluctance to change format of the data already developed basis their previous ASP GSP

Cygnet's Solution

Considering the high volumes of unregistered transactions and unavailability of a centralized source system, technical and domain experts at Cygnet suggested implementation of an on-premise data warehouse. This would enable easy consumption of a single file format for data conversion and consolidation of B2Cs and HSN summary. In addition, engineers provided manual as well as auto mode in the data convertor utility.

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